11 April 2018

Creating a Positive Vibe in Your Home

The home should always be about positive vibes. But often it is a place of rush, stress, and somewhere to get a few hours sleep each night. If your home is like this, it’s being wasted! It should be the place where time finally slows down after a busy day at work. A place where you look forward to heading to so you can get some true relaxation. So, what you need to do is focus on creating a positive vibe in your home. Not just for you, but your family and any guests you might have over. A positive vibe is a welcoming one, and that’s exactly what people are looking for when going into a home. So, if you’re unsure of how you can do this, we’ve got a few tips lined up for you that’ll put you on the right path the creating a positive vibe.

Fix Any Issues--

The main thing that can put a bit of a damper on home life is the things that go wrong with it. When something goes wrong, it seems to go wrong at the absolute worst time. There will be three our four things that desperately need fixing, but unfortunately it’ll be the end of the month and you’re scraping by to payday as it is. So, if something like this does ever happen to you, try not to let it cause you too much stress. Think about what you can do to solve it quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the most common home issues and how they can be easily fixed.

The first is pests within a home. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, there’s always some form of pest that you can get. In homes in England, it could be a horrible little spiders nest that’s decided to nestle its way into the framework of the house, causing many little spiders to be running around. A nightmare situation we know. In houses in the US and hotter climates, the creepy crawlies get a little bit more intimidating for us humans. If this happens, you need to get in touch with companies such as ABC Home & Commercial. They’re on hand to try and solve any of your pest issues, and pest issues are something that really need sorting on the day, or at least within 24 hours. There are some that you can try and get rid of yourself. For example, if you’ve had an invasion of ants, some ant killer, a dustpan and brush, and some cleaning products should do the trick. Just use the ant killer to get rid of the main body of ants, sweep them up, and using a clean solution in a mop bucket to thoroughly clean the area they were in. They were most likely attracted to something sweet smelling!

The second, and definitely most common issue a home has is problems with the quality of appliances that they have. After a couple of years of use, everything just seems to give up. The oven might take ages to heat up, the toaster might only cook one side of the bread. It just becomes a nightmare to fix because the appliances you could possibly need to buy just cost so much! So, all you need to do is make sure you’re shopping in the right place to get the best discount possible. The best place you can do this is through online stores, or stores that sell shop window items. These are items that were once used as a display to sell the boxed items. Since they were being used and touched by so many people, the price of a brand new item that wasn’t really ‘used’ as such, will now cost hundreds less than the actual store price of an unboxed one. So, don’t stress if you know you need a few things. Work through them one by one, and always make sure you’re getting the cheapest offer. Plenty of websites on the internet sell display items, just do a bit of Googling to find them!

Welcoming Additions--

If you want a positive vibe, you need a welcoming vibe as well. The perfect way to do this is through additions that you can put into your home to make the whole place a bit more comforting. So, the main social room within a home is the living room, and it’s pretty easy to make the room welcoming. All you need to do is make sure the setup is big enough to house a few people. Don’t clog up the room with unnecessary items that aren’t needed. Fill it with furniture and comforting items instead. So, the best sofa you can have is a corner sofa. It takes up more room yes, but it also allows multiple people to relax together. You could also have a single recliner chair for the optimum level of comfort. A nice little bean bag to make things a bit more cozier in front of the fire is also a bonus. If money will allow, try and get the biggest and best TV that you can. It’s so good to go round someones house with loads of family and friends, and relax in front of a big TV with a few bottles of wine, talking and having fun! The TV just makes everything seem a bit classier, and the viewing you’ll get is amazing!

Family Parties--

Family parties are the ultimate way to create a positive vibe. When everyone does get together and the drinks and flowing as is the conversation, things just get so much happier in the whole house. If you’ve been having a rubbish week, you should definitely organize something like this. All you would need to do to be a good host is to get a few bits of party food from your local supermarket. Some beers for the men, some wine or cocktail making equipment for the women, and some good music to get the night going. We know it’s hard to get the whole family together in one room as everyone is busy doing their own thing. But if you at least get everyone together once a month or so, you’ll be feeling that positive vibe in your home regularly.

Family Night--

So, a family party is more on a wider scale. Rather than getting everyone round, focus on having a family night in with your sons or daughters and really getting to enjoy some quality time together. Living in a home with a family isn’t always spent together. Most of the time kids are off up in their rooms doing whatever they do, and mom and dad are left downstairs. So, create a good and positive vibe by doing something like a family game night once a week, or each Sunday have everyone sit down to watch a new film on the TV. As long as everyone is in the same room and enjoying each others company, the vibe is always going to be positive. Plus, as your children get older, you’ll realize how precious it is to spend time with them, even if you feel as though they don’t enjoy spending time with you! Don’t worry though, that’s just teenagers for you.


The final point in our quest to create you a positive vibe, relaxation. As we’ve said, a house can be rather stressful, so you need to try and find time to yourself to truly relax. This could be a nice long soak in the bath every other evening with a book. It could be plodding off to bed before everyone else to make sure you’re getting some good sleep and alone time. Or it could be practicing things such as yoga within the home! Whatever it is, make sure you’re relaxed and enjoying the positive vibes.

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