29 April 2018

5 Tips to Using the Color Teal in Your Home

How you use and combine certain colors in your home plays a major impact on the entire look differentiating between an elegant and luxurious interior and a dull looking space? Different colors make different statements. Although it gives a bold appearance to the design, teal is one of those colors considered tough to decide on.

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

The history of this unique color which cannot really be determined to be blue, aqua or turquoise dates way back to the ancient Egyptian times. Though very beautiful, using teal requires knowledge on how to make it stand out. Here are some tips on how real can be used and bring a sensational touch to your home.
#1 - Try Various Accents
Whether in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom, you can use teal color to bring out a striking and comfortable setting in your home when well combined with other accents. You can integrate a teal wall or furniture with pillows, vases and even curtains that are either solid or patterned. Instead of a teal colored wall, you can also use teal curtains, or teal rugs and mats for a bolder look.
#2 - Accessorize It

Interior décor using teal can be done using many different ways. Adding accessories to your teal color can enhance the look and make the room feel fresh. Décor pieces like throw pillows, artwork such as wall frames and wall arts are superb additions that will complement your home’s interior. Select patterns and colors that blend in with the teal.
#3 - Teal Your Furniture
Teal furniture is not that common but what’s wrong with trying out a new look? You can bring out an original and fascinating addition to your space by having teal pieces of furniture in your home. Teal furniture like teal dining chairs or teal cabinets springs out a breathtaking view. If you cannot find any teal furniture in any nearest furniture store, you can as well paint it yourself. Give your furniture a bright coat of teal and pair it with some beautiful accessories and you are good to go.
#4 - Paint a Whole Room or Partly
Teal can be painted in the entire room or you can section out one side of the wall and paint it.  Teal walls blended with other colors like light green and white give a rich and bold look. Other parts of your home like your front door can also be painted teal. You can decide to either paint the front part facing your incoming guests or the inside, the choice is yours, although both will give your door a beautiful look.
#5 - Design a Statement Wall
A statement wall can be created using tiles, painting your walls using teal or using teal wallpapers. Tiling your wall teal can be used in the bathroom or kitchen walls. Teal wallpapers can either be in bold colors or pattern. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home and you can create an aura of calmness and happiness while preparing your meal using teal.

In case you are not sure which is the best match, try out a small space to get a feel for how it would appear before making a decision. The feeling you want to create will help you settle on the color combination.

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