09 April 2018

5 Tips to Having a Great Marriage

Having a beautiful wedding is not a guarantee that you will have a great marriage as well. There are  far too many people who have had extravagant weddings yet ended up getting a divorce several years after. Most long-time couples can attest that being married is not the same as being happily married. Having a marriage that works entails a lot of conscious efforts from both parties. Below is a list of five tips for having a great marriage.

#1 - Make Your Spouse Your Top Priority
The moment you said “I do,” you also committed to becoming one with your spouse. Making your spouse your number one priority means that he/she should be above your parents, siblings, friends, job, and even your children. It is easier to make your spouse your top priority when you do not have kids yet. But when babies get in the picture, it takes more effort and hard work to put your spouse first.

#2 - Consider What Makes Your Spouse Happy
“A happy wife means a happy life,” as the saying goes. The same is true for husbands as well. When your spouse is happy, everyone else in the family is also happy and content.
One way to do this is to know what your partner’s love language is and take time to speak it. Another way is to ask what he/she needs for the day or the week. Sometimes, your spouse may drop hints as to what he/she wants, and you should be attentive to read between the lines.
Remember important dates such as your birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. You do not need to give expensive gifts, but you can always greet your spouse the first thing in the morning. If your spouse loves receiving gifts, then a morning greeting with a surprise flower or a small gift is an excellent way to making him/her happy. A little bit of appreciation can go a long way to having a beautiful marriage life.

#3 - Take Your Spouse on a Date
Being married and having kids is not an excuse to put off having quality time alone with your spouse. You may take your partner to an expensive fine dining restaurant, or you can take turns watching your favorite movies at home when the kids are already in bed. Doing the grocery while holding your spouse on the one hand and the basket on the other can also be considered a date.

Do something that you both enjoy such as biking, going to the gym, hiking, watching the sunset, or just lounge around at home. It is equally important to put away your gadgets so you can stay focused on your spouse.  

#4 - Always Keep the Fire of Romance Burning
Romance does not always mean having intercourse with your spouse on a daily basis. You may keep the intimacy burning by just hugging each other in bed before sleeping and upon waking up. You can get a mattress designed for cuddling to up the ante.
Another way to keep the romance alive is to kiss each other before leaving for work. A study showed that men who kiss their wives daily before going to work live happier and longer than those who don’t.

#5 - Speak Positive Words Only
Your words bring either life or death to your partner. Whenever you speak kindly, you boost his/her morale. Whenever you talk harshly, you make him/her feel bad about himself/herself. Thus, keeping a healthy and happy relationship between you and your spouse depends on the way you talk to your spouse and the tone of your voice.
When disagreements arise, you may raise your point positively and constructively. In this way, your spouse will not feel like you are judging him/her.

For a marriage to work, both parties should look at each other as partners who have a common goal. Never make your spouse feel like he/she is the enemy. It is easier to ruin a relationship than for one to work. You should also keep in mind that there are no perfect marriages, only partners who work hard to make it last. We hope that the above mentioned tips can help you reach your goal of having a great time being married to your chosen partner in life.

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