20 April 2018

5 Tips for Choosing a Dining Set

Dining sets are both functional and decorative. Your dining table and chairs shouldn’t just fill up the space in your home, but be capable of accommodating all of your family members or guests. The right set also goes well with your existing interior décor in terms of style, texture and colors.

However, with the market flooded with tables and chairs in all sorts of designs, styles and sizes, choosing the right one for you is important. With styles ranging from contemporary and modern to rustic and traditional, there’s something for every unique taste and personality out there. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the best dining set:

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dining Table and Chairs:

#1 - Your Existing Space

Do you have enough space in your home to accommodate a dining set? Is it open and spacious or long and narrow? The shape of the room should determine the shape of tables and chairs you opt for. Do you also intend to have other furniture such as sideboards and bookcases in the same room? Would deep, rich colors or distressed natural tones look best in your room?

Determine whether you want a light, simple or heavy, solid look in your dining room. A long dining set is perfect for entertainment while a smaller table is perfect for family dinners. However, the number of people in your household can also determine the right size of a dining table and number of chairs for you.

Measure your dining room, leaving three to four feet allowance from the wall to give easy access to all chairs around your table. Write down the measurements for reference when you go shopping.

#2 - Material

Wooden dining sets gain character as they age. Choose the specific type of wood you want on your set such as mahogany, cherry, oak, etc. Depending on your interior décor style, opt for finished or unfinished wood. On the other hand, reclaimed wood table top can add character to your dining room. Glass tabletops are easy to clean and can brighten your interior space, giving it a modern look. Other materials to consider include metal, plastic and acrylic.

#3 - Size and Shape

The numbers of people you expect to use your dining set and the size of existing space in your home greatly influence the size of furniture to buy. Determine whether your space can accommodate a rectangular, oval, round or square dining table. If your interior space can fit them all, choose the shape that most appeals to you.

#4 - Chairs

Do you want chairs that match your dining table or prefer a contrasting look indoors? Chairs can be unpadded or padded and crafted from various materials such as plastic, wood, leather, chrome or even a mix of fabrics. Slipcovers soften the appearance of your dining set, giving it an instant new look. Accessorize with centerpieces, rugs and lighting for enhanced appeal.

#5 - Style

Wood with a distressed finish has a vintage look while glass or metallic dining sets have a sleek, clean look for a modern touch. A carved, wooden dining set with fine details such as tapered legs are perfect for traditional interior décor styles. Pick a style that either matches or contrasts your existing décor style with an enhanced appeal.

Buying a versatile and sturdy dining set is also important. Make sure the table and chairs are properly constructed using high quality materials and joining technology for prolonged use. Whichever finish, material or design you pick for your dining furniture, make sure it’s both aesthetic and functional to meet your unique needs.

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