03 April 2018

5 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Having an air conditioner that’s not functioning normally is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Since an air conditioner wears out just like any other home appliance, it’s possible to tell when it’s malfunctioning. However, most homeowners are not aware of the signs that indicate that the air conditioner needs to be repaired right away. When a malfunction is unintentionally allowed to persist, it causes the air conditioner to break down completely. Buying a new AC can really strain your pockets. You should therefore watch out for any signs that indicate that all is not well with your AC. Below is a list of signs that call for a quick fix of the air conditioner.

#1 - Air Remains Hot
When the AC is turned on, it’s supposed to bring in a cool breeze from the compressor. However, a faulty AC will not have any effect on the room temperature. In fact, the air will remain cold even if you adjust the unit to the highest parameters. The problem can also be brought about by Freon levels that have taken a nosedive. Unless you are a trained AC technician, it’s advisable you call an air conditioning repair professional to come and solve the problem before it gets out of hand.
#2 - Weak Airflow
An AC that’s in good condition produces enough cool air. But when something is not right, the AC will only produce little cold air that’s not enough for all the rooms in the house. If your house is big, you will realize that some rooms will still be hot. This problem is usually caused by clogged ventilation openings. But at times it’s caused by broken duct pipes. You should have the air vents inspected by an AC technician because they usually have the tools that are needed to unblock the ventilation pipes.
#3 - Variance in Room Temperature
This one goes without saying. If you realize that some rooms feel cold while others feel hotter, something could be wrong with your air conditioner. In most cases, the variations in room temperature is caused by faulty capacitors or other components. It’s actually recommended you observe the motherboard of the unit to see if there are any pointers. If there is a pungent smell in the air, some cables of the AC could have been burned out. Sometimes the awful smell is caused by molds that have accumulated in the duct system.
#4 - Unfamiliar Noise
If you hear unfamiliar noise coming out of your air conditioner, you should budget for a replacement unit. Such noise is only heard in ACs that are just about to break down. Some of the noises to watch out for include grinding and grating. Some of these noises indicate that there are parts that are not well lubricated. If you ignore such noise, the parts that are rubbing against each other will damage the bearings completely. At times the noise is caused by parts that have been detached from their original position.
#5 - Wet Walls

With a faulty AC, you are more likely to see wet walls even when there are no water pipes buried beneath. Wetness in certain areas indicates that the refrigerant could be damaged. Alternatively, the drain tube could be the main cause of wetness on surfaces that are close to the AC. Broken tubes should be repaired immediately because they encourage the growth of molds. You should therefore contact the nearest AC technician.

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