30 March 2018

Thoughtful Gifts to Buy New Parents

Becoming a parent is a life-changing event for any person – life is suddenly much busier, noisier, and more expensive! Buying a gift for the happy new parents is a lovely way to welcome their baby and say congratulations. The changes to their lives should be kept in mind when choosing a gift: something functional and practical is a great idea to help them out, or a pretty keepsake to commemorate the baby’s birth.

Here’s some thoughtful, unique ideas to help you decide on baby gifts when a loved one has recently expanded their family.

Baby Book--

A baby book is a thoughtful gift that allows parents to record their baby’s development. Baby books traditionally have pages dedicated to the child’s firsts: their first word, first steps, first haircut, etc. This is a lovely present that parents probably wouldn’t have thought to buy for themselves. Other nice progress recording items include height charts and hand-print sets. 


New parents will be over the moon to receive a hamper filled to the brim with all kinds of baby necessities, like diapers, muslin squares, pram sheets, clothing, soft toys, mitts, towels, blankets, etc. These can either be purchased ready-made from baby gift sites, or you could assemble your own tailored to what the parents need and like. 

Organic Grooming Set--

So many baby toiletries and products contain harsh chemicals that are drying and damaging to babies’ delicate skin. Parents want to be sure that the products they’re using on their precious newborn are safe and gentle; therefore, soaps and shampoos should be chosen with that in mind. Organic products don’t contain any harmful chemicals and will clean baby safely. There are many sets you can buy that also avoid plastic packaging.

Floating Bath Pillow--

We found a super cute one from Blooming Bath that looks like a flower! Basically, these turn the sink or bath into a spot that is comfy and safe for baby bath time. It supports the baby to prevent the need for parents to either get in the tub too or juggle a wriggly newborn. Parents will love this handy item.

‘Date Night In’ Box--

Forget giving the baby a gift – they’re spoiled enough! The people who really need a gift are the parents… they’ve been through a lot lately. A great idea for this is a handmade ‘date night in’ box for new parents. Fill a takeaway style box with easy meal ingredients, chocolates, dessert and a fancy drink (non-alcoholic); or alternatively a coupon for a takeaway dinner. 

You could also throw in some wooden disposable cutlery, so they don’t have to do the dishes either. Include a DVD they’ll love (or a Netflix subscription that they will adore you for), and voila! You’ve gifted them a lovely date night… just hope the baby doesn’t disturb them!

Teething Necklace--

Moms often find that they can’t wear jewelry any more, due to babies continuously grabbing and pulling it, or trying to bite it when they start teething. An ingenious solution to this is the teething necklace, made of silicone beads in trendy colors and styles that mom will love to wear, and baby is free to chew!

New Mom Skincare Kit--

Pregnancy and caring for a newborn really takes a toll on a woman’s skin, so a lovely gift they will adore is some new-mom specific skincare. Include a refreshing face mist for those days they’re too busy to do a skincare routine; a stretchmark-combating moisturizer; and a cooling leg and foot cream for tired, swollen feet. 

Coffee Maker--

Coffee makers that pour instant great coffee are available fairly cheaply now and will be extremely gratefully received by exhausted new parents! As they get used to very early rises, they’ll love an instant coffee maker that brews fresh drinks for them as they tend to the baby. 

Baby Bracelet-- 

A gold or silver dainty bracelet inscribed with the baby’s name and birthdate is a beautiful present for parents to commemorate their child’s birth. Baby will look super cute wearing it, or it can just act as a keepsake. 

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