14 March 2018

The Top 5 Projects to Complete with Lattice and Timber in 2018

Originally used as structural support for the vines in one’s garden, lattice has become one of the biggest home décor trends in a while. The diamond-shaped design and a dash of color, they can bring the vibe of the country right in the middle of an urban room. A colored lattice offers style to the indoors while a whitewashed one outdoors is welcoming.

Another trend marking the house projects for 2018 includes timber.  The textured wood with a natural feel is being used as a floor to provide the house with a country-like feel. If you want to bring some country vibes to your urban home, the following lattice and timber projects can help you achieve that goal.

#1 - Lattice and Timber Fencing

Lattice and timber are mostly used for fencing around the house as they’re quite strong and can keep your pets indoors. Even smaller sized animals will be unable to get out given the strong bond of lattice and timber.

However, the unique patterns add a charm to your house and can attract many friends. Adding a pop of color or leaving it plain and whitewashed will only increase its beauty.

#2 - Build a Patio

Who wouldn’t like a patio outside the house to enjoy some coffee and a good breeze? You can simply make a patio out of your house by using timber for flooring.

The timber can be of any kind, but hardwood floors and oak is quite popular amongst people who want to build patios. You can later decorate the area with different objects or add a diagonal lattice to make it a more private seating area.

#3 - Cover Your Veranda to Enjoy Some Privacy

Everyone likes to enjoy some outdoor family time now and then. But the worst part about this family time is the peeping eyes of the neighbors who always want to see what you’re up to.

You can use lattice to create a cover and give yourself the private area you need. This will also allow you to enjoy the scenery outside your house without having getting constantly interrupted by your neighbors.

#4 - Use It for the Ceiling

A ceiling made out of a lattice board does not only look beautiful but is also inexpensive. One piece of chandelier can cover almost all of your ceiling space.

A lattice ceiling is one of the projects that you can fix by yourself. If you choose to get it done by a professional, it's important to add a couple of ornaments. And remember to throw a chandelier into the mix as well. It will give your house a contemporary vibe, the perfect blend of mud and urban class.

#5 - Support the Plants in Your Garden

Lattice has always been used to support vines and other weak plants in one’s garden. There are many baby plants as well, which the children stomp over while running around in the garden. Fixing these plants to a lattice will reduce that and also accentuate the look of your garden.

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