09 March 2018

Look Lively! Liven Your Living Room Space

Have you grown weary of your living room space? If so, what can you do to liven up where you spend the vast majority of your time in? While there are many different options, there are a few simple fundamental approaches you need to take. It's not about taking up the space completely, it's just about making it a bit more appealing, so you can reap the benefits of the most used space in your home.

Get Artsy--
You don't have to go overboard, and plaster copies of Black Square all around your living room, but adding a decent sized picture or art piece in the corner of a room, livens up the space, but also provides a suitable talking point. This is beneficial if you have guests over on occasion. If that isn't your thing, you can use mirrors to highlight the space. A great thing about putting mirrors in perfectly accented places is that it helps to reflect the light back into the space, and it can make your living room look much bigger than it is.

Go Rustic--
Taking a more pared-back approach is something many people go for these days. Because budget is limited, you need to maximize the effect of your space with as few accessories as possible. If you are feeling particularly creative and are up to the challenge, you could start a wood project, and build your own furniture, but only if you know what you're doing! If you're not so keen on being an expert woodchopper, go for neutral or earthy tones. This is another simple approach to make a small living space appear much bigger.

Change the Purpose of the Space--
If you are fed up with the purpose of your living room, and it just seems to be a place for you to sit down and watch TV, consider changing the function of the space. This is where the benefit of interior designers can come in handy. And there are various designers you can approach,  Francis Interiors is one such interior design company. But the idea is to get another pair of eyes on your space, because sometimes we get stuck in one frame of mind. Instead, use that living room as a dining space, and if you are looking for a way to make substantial changes to your home overall, you could always benefit from a second opinion.

Add a Splash of Color--
Or if you're looking to shake up your space, but without being too creative, just go for bright colors. Choosing vivid shades, and colors that stand out certainly helps you to maximize the impact of the space, and if you have a small living room, it's going to attract the attention away from the minimalist nature of the room.

We all have a living room space that could benefit from a shakeup, whether you have dull and drab-colored carpets, or you've got a lumbering pile of furniture in the middle of the room that needs shifting, it doesn't take a lot of effort to reinvigorate the space. It's all about being a bit more creative.

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