09 March 2018

Is It Necessary to Have a Moving 'Day'?

As it gets closer and closer, moving day could wrestle your stomach into knots. The thought of getting everything to go smoothly, not missing any vital things and being on time is stressful, to say the least. Moving day is a lot like the day you go on holiday. You check and recheck that you’ve packed everything you need even before you’ve brushed your teeth. Sleep is almost impossible the night before because it's so easy to worry about something going wrong. Not leaving behind anything of value and trying to beat the traffic to your destination is all you care about. But there’s one huge difference because you can’t come back to the home once you’ve left. It might because you’re just heading so far away, or that because of the legal binding the previous owner simply cannot re-enter the property. Since it's more high stakes, shouldn’t you take your time and perhaps elongate the move entirely?

Early Bird Start--

There’s no harm in checking with the seller of the house you’re buying if you can start work on moving your stuff early. Some people are welcome to the buyer of their home to begin moving some things before the actual due date of officially moving into the property. Be wary, however, as getting a written clause in the legal framework of the purchase is better than word of mouth. You don’t want to rely on their verbal approval to you moving your stuff into their home or garage. It's not entirely out of bounds to have doubt that they might steal your belongings or perhaps damage them. So either form an agreement with someone you trust or try to get a legal binding that allows you to start moving your things onto the premises.

Convenient Purgatory--

You could run into this for the first time when you enter your new home. Sometimes the previous owners may be stuck in a jam. They either didn’t want to, couldn’t be bothered or just didn’t have the time to move all of their stuff out of the house. Large kitchen appliances aren’t easy to lift and move; they’re also not cheap to do so either. So what can happen is when you try to move your items in, there’s no room for them to fit. Hence you could use a storage service whereby you can ask the company to come pick up your products and give them a safe housing in the meantime. Cheap storage units aren’t really ideal for equipment that is pretty crucial to running your household. Leaks and perhaps even damage can occur when you go the cheap route. You get what you pay for when using a proper company that deals with short and long-term storage options.

Ask yourself why you’re sticking to a social norm of having a moving ‘day’. Stretching out your move can take the intensity of the situation away. Check with the people you’re buying your new home with, if you can begin the move a little earlier. A reason for this might be because you simply live far from the location and have so much stuff, you’d like to get a head start. Cramming everything into just one day is leaving yourself open to hiccups. Using a professional storage company to hold your expensive equipment until you can safely move everything you need into your home, is a very convenient purgatory.

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