27 March 2018

The Amazing Benefits of Gardening for Older People

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Good Exercise--
Gardening is a good form of exercise for older people, because of the potential for different levels of effort involved. If an older person wants a full garden, they can have one. If they want to putter, they can do that. Exercise is good, no matter what –for older people, anything that keeps them moving and active is to be encouraged. Gardening is good because there are different gardens which can correlate to the wanted level of exercise and activity – gardens can be made to suit the older people working in them.

It Improves Mobility and Endurance--
Because older people need to keep moving when they are gardening, it leads to them keeping their mobility, and building endurance as they work more. Gardening can help them to build endurance because it has them doing the same activities for prolonged periods of time, and sometimes has them also lifting and carrying items which would be heavier than otherwise would be the case. Gardening keeps people active, and so it keeps them mobile – mobility makes it much easier for people to get around, and so makes it more likely that they will enjoy old age.

Reduces Stress--
Working in a garden has been proven to reduce stress in anyone, but it is particularly important for older people. Stress in older people can lead to bad health, so it important that they take measures to keep from being overwhelmed. Gardening allows you to relax, and takes your mind off your problems and your troubles, if you have any. Stress is something that older people should avoid as much as possible, to keep themselves healthy. Try and start them off with a coupon code for Kotulas.com to get them interested in gardening and garden maintenance.

It Helps Prevent Osteoporosis-- 
Older people are vulnerable to degenerative diseases, as their bodies can no longer handle the pressures of everyday life as well as they could. One way to prevent these diseases from having much of a foothold is to keep active, since that helps to build bone and muscle over time, rather than simply letting them corrode away. Gardening keeps people active, and using their muscles and bodies, rather than simply allowing them to waste away over time. Other exercise does this too, but since gardening can be very gentle – and older people are often not as active as other exercise might need – it is a good choice for everybody involved.

Keeps People Sociable--
Gardening is essentially as sociable as you like it to be, but it can get people talking. It can be used to help keep older people in the community, rather than fading out of it to be forgotten. Gardening is something that encourages people to talk, to exchange information (and sometimes produce), and to keep busy. This means that it exercises the mind (or, more poetically, the soul), as well as the body. Gardening is something which is an all-round good thing to do.

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