04 March 2018

Bargain Hunters Need to Know These Creative Ways to Save Money

Money, if only it grew on trees, or we could print our own? Then we could buy anything our little hearts desired, right? However, in the real world, most of us have a budget that we need to stick to each month when it comes to making purchases, essential or otherwise. That means once we have run out of money for the month that's it we can't buy any more. Although, the savviest shoppers get more bang for their buck by using the clever tactics to save money that are discussed below.

Dollar Stores--

First, on the list of places to visit if you are looking to save some serious money when doing shopping for everyday items is the dollar store. This is a place where they sell items for just one single dollar! In fact, some things are grouped into packs of two, and this double pack costs a dollar, making them super cheap right?

Well yes, in the majority of cases and you can make some great saving on things like home cleaning products, craft supplies, and even seasonal decorations. However, it is worth doing some investigating beforehand because there are some items that may be available cheaper elsewhere, especially things like dry groceries such as cake mixes and tinned goods. Something that makes buying these at the dollar store a bad move if you are trying to save money.


Bargain hunters that are really on the ball know that they can save a serious amount of cash by eschewing buying anything at all, and instead make things themselves at home.

You can do this for a range of items as well from basic health and beauty products such as lip scrubs, shampoos, and foot sprays to larger items like furniture.

In fact, even if DIY isn't your thing you can get some fantastic results by upcycling items you already own to give them a new look. To do this you can check out some of the upcycling guides that are available here, or take a peek at some of the more specific projects like the one in the video below that shows you how to create pet bed from an old TV set.

The thing about upcycling is that not only can you save some serious money by doing it, you can also help the environment as well. This is because you are reducing the amount you throw away, and so there is less waste that needs to go into Landfill.

Online Auctions--

For many of us that are looking to buy an item, but not pay the full price, the first thing we do is hop online and check out various auctions sites. Usually, this is a pretty good way of knocking a few dollars off of the end cost too. However, when we are looking to save on more costly electrical items, buying second hand from a traditional online auction site can be risky. How do we know how much use an item has had, or whether it will even work in the first place? What is needed here is an auction site where you can buy something for a lower price, but it is brand new. Luckily, there is a different breed of auction sites online, and this is just the service that they are offering.

These sites run on a system of paid bids. That means you pay for the chance to make each bid, and the highest one wins. Bidding in this way means you can get a massive saving on big-ticket items if you win your particular auction.

Unfortunately, it usually means that if you don't win you lose you money because you have made unsuccessful bids. Luckily, this is not the case will all the sites out there, and you can even check out this post called Here’s How DealDash Is Revolutionizing The Online Auction Industry for the low down on why they have chosen to offer a buy it now option that returns the cost of all your bids to you. A service that ensures you don't end up losing money when you aim was to save it.

Swap and Sells--

Those dedicated to the art of the bargain hunt, also know the value of trading items. This is where you offer something you no longer need as payment for something you do want.

When the cost of the item you want is covered completely by the item you are offering this is known as a straight swap and is the easiest way to make an exchange. However, you can uses swaps as part payment towards an item along with money or other goods.

For the most part, though this swap method only works between private individuals, after all, you can turn up at a Walmart with an old pair of skies and chicken and expect to walk away with the latest copy of Call Of Duty!

However, there are some sites on the internet that are dedicated to this art now popping up. Something that can give you access to a wider audience to swap items with, which can make it a more effective way of saving money overall.

Garage Sales--

One man’s trash is another man's treasure, and you would be surprised at the gems and bargains you can pick up at a garage sale. In fact, many people are getting woke with regards to what a great place these can be to shop.

Although that means if you know of one going on in your area, you need to be there as early as possible. This will allow you to scour the tables and find the best items before everyone else has got their sticky little fingers all over them.

Just remember though, that you need a strategy going into a garage sale. Otherwise, it's very easy to get distracted by nostalgia or the sheer volume of items and end up coming away with stuff that you don't need. An act that will result in you wasting money rather than saving it.

With that in mind, you have one of two approaches to choose. The first is the garage sale shopper that looks for items on their needed list. That is you create a list of things that you need beforehand and try and find such things at garage sales instead of buying them new.

The other type of garage sale shopper is the reseller. They aren't looking for items that they need in their home. Instead, they are searching for things that are very cheap, but they know they can resell to someone else. This then allows them to make a profit when they sell such item to another, giving them additional money for their budget and lifestyle.

Goodwill Shops-

If you think shopping in charity stores is nasty, then you must have missed the retro and vintage revolution that has been going on for the last ten years! Mostly powered by hipster and the uber cool, hunting for bargains in Goodwill and second-hand stores is a pastime that many people engage in for fun, rather than necessity.

Perhaps it's something to do with the thrill of finding a rare item, or the fact that it' is a reasonable way to find authentic retro and vintage pieces to decorate the home with? However, the fashionable status of charity shopping does make it a little harder to find particular items at a good price and save money.

With this in mind, if possible keep away from the more retro style homewares and clothes and instead look for good quality items in a modern style that have had little wear. It is by doing this that you can still save money on things that would cost considerably more if you were to buy them new.

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