09 March 2018

5 Things to Look for in a Garage Heater

While there are those who consider their garage as just extra space for storage, there are still many who are able to maximize and utilize their garages. Some turn it into a hobby or craft room, others into an entertainment center where family and friends can hang out.

Whatever the reason may be for the usage of the space, the important thing is that the garage should be well-maintained in order for it to continue to be useful. Aside from keeping it clean, you should also ensure that it has sufficient heating, especially during the colder months.

If you have not yet bought your garage heater, check out the list below for the things you should look for in a garage heater, and go to homefixplanet.com for some reviews on the best garage heater models in the market today.

#1 - A Model That Will Be the Perfect Fit for the Type of Space You Have
There are many types of garage heaters so you should be able to research on which one should for your space and needs. For a little overview, here are some of the things you should remember. Radiant heaters can do heating for small spaces, while convection heaters can provide heating for the whole room. You can also choose micathermic heaters can heat a room very fast.

#2 - Energy Efficient 
One of the concerns of those who are hesitating on investing in garage heaters is just how much it would cost to have a garage heater. So before making a choice, consider the energy-efficiency of the model. You need to look at the space you have in order to calculate the correct type to buy so that your electric bills will not skyrocket. Read the features of the model and check because some claim to have an energy-efficient mode. Some gas powered models, like a propane garage heater, are very energy efficient. Sometimes you may not want to consider electricity as a source and want to focus on another source of fuel as energy.

#3 - Safety Features
It’s very important to maintain and check your heater regularly. That’s because if you don’t maintain it well, it might become a fire hazard. So check and make sure that your prospects would have additional safety features in order to ensure that there would be no unfortunate incidents such as overheating. Some models have a feature where it automatically turns off when it gets too hot.

#4 - Durability
Like any investment, you want something that will last you for many years. Choose a model that can withstand continuous using throughout the whole year. It should also be able to withstand extreme conditions such as a very cold winter.

#5 - Lower Noise Level
If you use your garage to get some little peace and quiet, then you need to be meticulous in your choice of a garage heater. While it’s inevitable that your electric appliance may make some noise while it is operating, some models may tend to make a lot more noise than others. So if you want your garage to be a place of tranquility, a smart choice would be an oil-filled radiator so that it will not be noisy.

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