07 March 2018

5 Resources to Keep on Hand When Doing a Big Home Renovation Project

So, you've resided in your home for a few years now, and you feel it's about time that you embark on a remodeling project. Your well-laid plans for engaging experts and have them pounce on a philanthropic mission vanish upon learning that this philanthropy comes at an exorbitant price.

It's time you consider the most critical resources that need to be at your disposal as you revise your plans. Some of the heavy equipment that will feature on this list are best rented, and Smartcast Equipment would be the ideal renovation partner.

Safety Equipment--
Home renovation projects tend to get messy hence the need for safety equipment. The equipment is a definite must, as demolitions form the most dangerous part of the undertaking. Start with a pair of work gloves, preferably ones with leather palms to thwart blisters.

You also require a pair of safety google. Avian debris can surely send you to the emergency room if they get close to your eyes. Ensure that you buy goggles that are comfortable because you'll wear them for prolonged periods.

It may seem far fetched but donning a helmet for demolition tasks above you is wise. Well, you won't win fashion contests, but you'll appreciate the helmet when a nail comes down your head.

The last thing you ought to acquire is a well-functioning respirator and cotton masks. Use thin masks in the presence of dust and the respirator in places filled with hazardous airborne chemicals like lead paint and asbestos.  

San Angelo Bar--
The San Angelo bar is similar to a crowbar and somewhat like a spear. This equipment is also very heavy. Most likely you've seen the San Angelo Bar and perhaps confused it with a primitive weapon. Standing at 72 or 183 centimeters and 17 pounds or 7.7 kilograms in weight, this hexagonal steel bar is a heavy hitter. Nonetheless, it's a simple tool - with a sharp point and chisel on opposite ends.

The San Angelo chisel removes tough floor tiles and red clay. In case you have concrete that is in need of bursting, drive the sharp end down with force and see as it breaks apart. This tool isn't for mild tasks considering its weight, you may not want to utilize it anywhere else but the flooring.

Temporary Storage--
Assuming that you've plenty to store or you've got substantial renovations, consider leasing a temporary storage facility for your belongings. Look for pay-as-you-go terms; thus you only pay for the duration you need the space. Temporary storage makes sense where you expect the makeover to take a bit of time.

Skid Steers--
Branded a jack of all trades, the skid steer loader comes with numerous attachment options that allow it to carry out an array of tasks of different kinds of construction sites. From cleaning stalls inside a barn, landscaping a park to earthmoving tasks, skid steers are contractors dream.

Compact Track Loaders--
Loaders merge the versatility of the skid steer and bulldozers productivity compressed in among the smallest bodies in the earthmoving class. These machines were made for small-scale home construction as they feature greater floatation alongside high pushing force which leads to minimal disruption around the work area.

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