04 March 2018

4 Ideas to Make Life with a Head Cold More Tolerable

You can wash your hands as often as you want and avoid touching surfaces while out in public, but the inevitable always happens: you catch a cold.

Colds are often dismissed as “just a cold”, which is rather reductive. Colds may not be serious, but they are incredibly inconvenient and unpleasant. As soon as a cold hits your system, simple tasks such as breathing and eating becoming incredibly difficult. It might be “just a cold”, but it’s also “just straight-up horrible”.

The next time a cold descends, you’re going to want to fight back. There is no cure for the common cold -- and antibiotics definitely won’t help -- but there are a few things you can do to make life more bearable. So to keep you going until your immune system finally kicks out the invader and you’re healthy again, here are a few tricks you might want to try…

#1 - Diffuse eucalyptus

Most people know that using a vapor rub or inhaling the scent of eucalyptus is beneficial for clearing blocked nasal passages, but these tend to be isolated occurrences-- a sniff of a tissue, or 10 minutes spent with a towel over your head inhaling steam. While these are good options, investing in home fragrance diffusers for use with eucalyptus and similar scents is a great way to ensure continual exposure to the beneficial scents.

#2 - Apply a thick ointment to your nose

After a few days of continual wiping, the skin around your nose will become sore and inflamed, which just serves to worsen the misery of what you’re going through. The best way to prevent this from happening is to use a thick, viscous cream after every wipe. A standard facial moisturizer won’t be thick enough, so opt for petroleum jelly, lanolin, or even nappy rash cream for effective results. The thicker, the more protection for your skin!

#3 - Drink warm honey

This tip is an old wives tale that is absolutely worth engaging with. Many people drink honey during a cold because of its antibacterial properties, but a cold isn’t bacterial, it’s a virus. However, it’s still worth drinking honey thanks to its ability to soothe a sore throat and ease a cough. While it might not be fighting the infection itself, honey will still do you a lot of good during a cold.

#4 - Don’t blow your nose (in a certain way)

This advice may fly in the face of everything you’ve ever been told, but it’s true: blowing your nose when you have a cold isn't a good idea. If you feel the need to blow your nose, you should blow one nostril at a time rather than the conventional “all at once” approach. It’s worth remembering that the vast majority of the stuffiness you feel during a cold isn’t actually being caused by mucus, but by inflammation of your nasal passages, so excess nose blowing is largely redundant.

In conclusion ...

The next time you’re struck with the dreaded cold, you should find the above tips help to ease the discomfort until you recover. Good luck!

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