15 March 2018

3 DIY Home Tasks You Should Probably Never Attempt

Make no mistake about it, DIY tasks are super fun to do. It’s really rewarding to start with nothing and turn it into something. Or, to have a few things lying around and make them into something good and functional. Doing things by yourself is ten times better than calling someone in to do the job for you. Sure, they might add a professional touch, but when you’ve done something it feels more personal to your home!

In a dream world, we’d never have to call anyone in or pay a contractor to do work for us. We’d live and breathe DIY, conquering task after task around the home. However, this isn’t a realistic reality. In all honesty, there are plenty of DIY home tasks that you should probably never attempt. These tasks are either too dangerous or complex for you to tackle, and you’re better off getting people in to do them for you. Sometimes, you just have to swallow your pride and call for help!

It pays when you’re aware of your own limits. Don’t try and do any of the things listed in this guide, or you’ll run the risk of damaging yourself or your home.

Replacing a Roof--

Whenever anything involves your roof, alarm bells should start going off. There’s an obvious danger here; you’re high up on top of your house, with no safety procedures in place. It’s more than likely you’ve never been up on your roof before, which means you have no idea how to position yourself or the safest way to get the job done.

Then, you have to think about the actual task itself. Removing roof shingles/tiling is no easy feat, and where do you put the old ones while you’re on the roof? More to the point, how do you get all the other tiles up there, and how do you install them properly?! The reality is; you’re better off finding a roofing company and giving them a call for a quote. They know how to do this job, and do it well. Let them get the ladders out, and trust that they know what they’re doing. It saves you from risking your life, but also installing the new roof incorrectly, leading to leaks and damages to your property.

Sanding Down Wooden Surfaces--

Let’s say you get a new oak dining room table, and you think it could do with being sanded down a wee bit on the legs or something. Alternatively, imagine your wood flooring has become a bit bumpy and needs to be smoothed out. This is fantastic, it’s a chance for you to show off your DIY skills and get sanding away.

Well, you might want to hold on just a second if you care about the quality of your furniture/wooden surfaces. Anyone can sand something, but can you sand it properly and professionally? Many pros are adamant that you should leave this job to them. It can take years and years to properly develop your sanding skills, and it’s really easy to mess up and ruin an item or furniture or leave horrible marks on your floor. By all means, if you don’t really care about something and want to take the risk, then get sanding. There’s nothing wrong with sanding down your own wooden creations, like a new wooden chair you built. But, when you spend a lot of money on something - like your floor, sideboards, or a big table - then you shouldn’t attempt the task. Call in the professionals and let them use their equipment to give your wooden surfaces the smooth finish they need and deserve.

Knocking Down Any Walls--

This is one of those tasks that you probably think you can do, and that you want to do because it saves money. Why bother paying someone to literally break down a wall in your home? It seems absurd to spend money on a task that’s essentially just smashing a wall and making a mess. Well, the problem is, it’s a lot more complex than that.

Firstly, do you have any idea how hard it is to smash down a wall? You need some really heavy duty equipment, and probably won’t even be able to lift it up, let alone wield it with enough power and skill to break through the wall. Secondly, there are certain walls that you can’t knock down because they’re load bearing. This means that if the wall comes down, so will the top half of your house. Well, it might not be that dramatic, but you’ll definitely compromise the structure of your home. So, you need a professional opinion to ensure the wall can be taken down, to begin with. Finally, you may think that the professionals cause a mess when they knock down walls, but it will be nothing compared to your attempt. They do it in a neat and controlled way, minimizing mess. You have no skill and experience, meaning it only takes one swing of a sledgehammer to knock a chunk of wall out that then flies into your TV. The more you think about it, the more it makes sense to stay far away from this DIY home task.

I’ll finish things off by taking all the way back to the start of this article when I said DIY tasks were super fun to do. I know, this entire post seems like it’s designed to discourage you from DIY, but I promise you that’s not the case. There are so many DIY tasks you can do around the home with varying degrees of success. Some of these are fairly complex and require you to hone your skills through multiple attempts. All I wanted to do was remind you to know your limits with regards to DIY. You may want to try and do everything, but there are certain things that you should leave alone. It could simply be too dangerous for you to attempt any of these tasks, or at the very least your attempts will ruin parts of your home.

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