27 February 2018

Things Every New Homeowner Should Buy

Moving into a new home is usually a mixture of stress, excitement, and pure exhaustion once everything is in place. Having your own home is amazing and can be the most exciting thing you do all year, and when you do move in their are likely some things you will want to buy or decorate.

But before you spend all of your money on odd jobs around the house, let’s take a look at some of the items you will want to buy when you first move into your new home.

Keys & Locks--
The moment that you walk through the door to your home, you will want to look into getting the locks changed. It doesn’t matter how trustworthy you think the previous owner is, you don’t know who else has a copy of your keys. Call a locksmith to come and change your locks on the windows and the doors, and then get a couple of sets printed so that each member of your household has one, and you have a spare. You could also do with installing a door sensor alarm which will alert you if anyone tries to enter your home.

If you have a yard in your new property then you will need to buy a lawnmower. The yard is a part of your home which you cannot simply leave to grow wild because it can become unruly very quickly, which is why having a lawnmower and other garden tools is absolutely essential.

Garden Tools--
The tools you will need immediately in your garden are the following: secateurs, shears, a shovel, a rake, and a set of trimmers. All of these things will come in handy as you start to rip out weeds, plant new items and also prune your existing shrubs. There are also some other items which will be useful for the garden. A hose is essential for every day use in the summer, a washing line for your clothes, and also a compost bin.

One of the things which comes a little neglected with first time buyers is tools and diy items. It is not the first thing you would think to buy but it is a crucial addition to your home when you move in. It will allow you to hang photos, fix hooks and do other random jobs around the house. Here is a general list of things you will want to buy:

+ Hammers
+ Hacksaw
+ Pliers
+ Wrench
+ Power Drill and Drill Bits
+ Nail Driver
+ Staple Gun
+ Tape Measure
+ Nails and Screws
+ Hooks

Kitchen Items--
The kitchen is one of the most item dense rooms in the house, which is why you will likely find that you are still buying new items after months of living in your new home. If you ever plan to do any baking you will need cake tins, measuring cups, bowls and an electric whisk. A blender is always useful in the kitchen, as are oven trays for cooking your meals every night.

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