07 February 2018

Saving While You Move

Moving to a new house is expensive. No matter how hard you try - you will still end up spending out a good chunk of money, so be prepared for that. However, there are things that you can do to help cut down those costs. You will never get around administration costs, deposits, bills and the cost of an agent (if you’re buying), but when it comes to the smaller things involved in a move, you might be able to save enough to help with some of the bigger costs.


There are two options to help you save money when actually moving your things to a new house; the first is to find a cheap home removals company. The customer service should still be the same as when you pay the big bucks for a removal company, and a lot of them offer exactly the same guarantees and services. However, if you don’t want to hire someone else, you can always rent a van and transport your possessions yourself. And you do have to consider the cost of the fuel which might be considerable if you’re moving a long distance away.

Friend’s Fridge--

One thing that many movers forget about is the fact that your refrigerator in the new house isn’t going to be switched on, or not even there if you’re moving your own fridge with you. And that means you either need to eat everything in your fridge and freezer or throw some of it out. You will probably succeed in eating a good amount over the weeks leading up to the move, but you can’t just live off ham and an egg. So you will need to do some shopping. So while you’re new fridge, or newly relocated fridge, is cooling down, pile your food into a friend’s fridge and freezer to make sure that you don’t lose any food through this process. If you do manage to empty the freezer then see if you can live out of an electric cool box for 48 hours.


When you’re packing up your things you need to do a few things that will help to cut the costs. The first is to have a clear out before you start. You will still find things after the move and wonder why you still have it, but while your packing you will discover many things that you forgot you had or haven’t used since you brought it. If you haven’t used it in the past six months, give it away. Then think about packing smart; rather than just throwing things into a box, make sure that it all fits in snugly. This will ensure its safety and means you won’t have to replace anything at the other end. You can fill empty gaps with towels and cushions. Think of it as Tetris - you don’t want to over pack a box, but the more boxes you have the more space you need to transport it, meaning a larger van or more trips.

Buy After--

When you know you’re about to have a new house it can be so tempting to go out and buy something for the new place. You might think of furniture you will need, you things that are built in at your current address like shelves, that you’ll have to install yourself in the new house. Just don’t buy them before you move. If you do you’re taking up more space and will result in a bigger van or more trips. Plus, until you have all your current furniture and things in the new space, you don’t fully know what you need and can quite often end up buying things you don’t need. So simply wait until after the move.

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