07 February 2018

Full Price Is for Suckers

We all have to buy stuff, even if it’s only the basic stuff like food and personal hygiene products, but what none of us ever have to do in this day and age is to pay full price for the goods we need (or want). When it comes to being a consumer, there has never been a better tie to be alive than right now where it is always possible to find a better deal.

If you’re still paying full price for pretty much everything, it’s time to stop being a sucker and join the discount revolution. Here are some of the  many very simple ways that you can get a discount:

Simply Ask--

It’s surprising just how often you can get a better price by just asking the manager for one. This does tend to work better in independently owned stores, but you can try it anywhere else (even online if there is a live chat function) and you might be surprised by the answer. If it doesn’t work out, well you can simply try one of the other methods in this list to get a discount on whatever it is you want to buy.

Use Online Comparison Tools--

You should never buy anything online or off before first using an online price comparison tool like PriceGrabber. Why? Because you can input whatever it is you’re looking to purchase and search for the absolute best price for that thing. Sometimes, you might only be saving a couple of dollars, but it’s not unusual to find good selling for 45 percent or more off, so big savings can be made by just taking a few minutes out to check.

Hold on to the Receipt--

Whenever you purchase something, it’s a really good idea to hold onto the recipe because, should the price lower in the weeks following your purchase, then you might be able to get the retailer to refund you the difference. If they won’t do that, then you can try returning it and then buying it again for the lower price.

Visit Coupon and Code Sites--

You might think days of clipping coupons from the local paper may be largely gone (although for some thrifty people they never left), but actually, you can still find a large amount of them if only you look/ Not only that but they’ve also started a new life online. There are now countless coupon and promo code sites, such as https://www.coupons.com/ online and they are a fantastic source of discounts on just about everything you can possibly imagine. Many of them can even be printed out and used offline!

Shop Via a Cashback Portal--

Cashback portals such as Ebates.com and Topcashback.com is just plain smart. When you buy anything via their links, you will receive a certain percentage back (it varies from product to product and store to store) which effectively means that you’re getting a discount. It costs you nothing to join these websites, and you have everything to gain by doing so.

Use Cashback Credit Cards--

If you also pay for your goods with cashback credit cards, you could bag yourself even more of a discount. Of course, in order to make this work for you, you will hear to pay off the bill in full each month, or you will accrue interest, negating the cashback, but if you know you can pay your bill off in full, it’s a great way of effectively getting a discount on pretty much everything.

Try a Penny Auction Site--

Penny auction sites are not a good idea for those of you who don’t truly understand how they work, and even then they should be treated with caution, but if you know what you’re doing and you have the time and inclination to play with them, you can as the reviews at https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/dealdash.com show, pick up all kinds of expensive consumer goods for just a few dollars. Again it’s important that you don’t know what you’re doing, and you don’t think these sites are like eBay, but if you’re smart and sensible, they can pay off.

Friend the Retailers--

Becoming friends with the retailers and brands that you regularly purchase (or even those that you don’t) can often pay off because they will often share exclusive discount codes and deals with their followers that cannot be accessed by other shoppers who aren’t following them.

Join Email Lists--

In a similar vein, signing up to retailers’ email lists, although it can be kind of annoying when they send you lots of ads, can pay off when you receive lots of deals, discounts and coupons direct to your inbox. Of course, that means you have to actually read those promotional emails, but it’s a small sacrifice to make to not have to pay full price.

Use ShopLocal--

If you like to use local bricks and mortar stores, but you also love a bargain, Shoplocal.com is the website you need in your life. Why? Because it collects local ads offering discounts for local stores in your area.

If a store you frequent doesn’t feature o there, it’s worth checking out their own website because they may publish their own great deals in that online location only. It’s also worth checking local magazines and newspapers, if you have access to them, too.

Fill Your Cart and Leave Them Hanging--

One really neat trick for those times when you really want to buy something online, but there is no discount (or not a big enough one) to be found, is filling your cart with the stuff you would like to purchase and then abandoning it. It doesn’t always happen, but quite often, after a day or two, you’ll get an email offering you a discount if you return and continue your purchase.

Buy Used--

Some people are quite sniffy about buying second-hand goods, thinking that they simply are not as good as new or that people will think less of them for doing so, but that simply is not the case. It is perfectly possible to find everything from clothing to consumer electronics, which is basically as good as new, but with a much smaller price tag attached.

If you can’t bear to buy from the thrift stores or consignment shops, then at least consider the possibility of buying reconditioned goods. Companies such as Apple offer lower prices on reconditioned products, which really are as good as new and it’s foolish not to take advantage of them!

Buy Goods Out of Season--

It doesn’t work for everything, but there are lots of goods that are almost always cheaper to buy out of season. Things like sunglasses and sunscreen, Christmas decorations, gardening supplies and even fruits and vegetables can always be found at heavy discounts when there is less demand for them, and that is why it makes sense to plan your shopping.

Buy in Bulk--

Most of the time, when you buy goods in bulk, you can get a discount on them, so that each individual item costs a bit less than it would if you just bought one of them. Of course, it isn’t always practical to buy in bulk, but when it comes to dried foods, household cleaning products, toilet paper, and things like that, wait until there is a good deal to be had, buy in bulk and save big.

Sign Up for Store Cards--

A lot of people don’t like store cards because they track what you spend, but if you don’t mind the grocery store knowing what brand of toilet paper you use, they can be a great source of discounts and money off coupons on everything from food to gas.

Shop Discount Stores--

Okay, so this is a pretty obvious one, but if you want a discount, then heading to the discount stores, such as T.J.Maxx, HomeGoods and Overstock is a pretty sensible idea. However, you shouldn’t always assume that they will be the cheapest option, and you should do your homework looking for the biggest bargain, all the same, I mean, even the dollar stores aren’t always the best place to buy things these days! Cover all of your bases.

Shop Flash Sale Sites--

Flash sale websites are fantastic, but you have to be fast to take advantage of them. If you don’t know what they are, check out sites like Groupon and Jetsetter and that will give you a better idea, but basically they are websites that offer very heavy discounts for what is usually a very short period of time. If you can catch then when they have an offer on something you want, you really can save a small fortune on everything from gym memberships and restaurant meals to designer handbags and games consoles.

Now that you can see just how many ways there are to get a discount and pay way less than the sticker price, I’m sure you’ll agree that paying full price is for suckers and I’m sure you’ll never fall into the trap of paying the full RRP price ever again.

Happy Shopping!

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