15 February 2018

5 Ways to Relax After Work

Adulting is probably life’s biggest joke. We spend our whole childhood wishing we could grow up and make the rules, and it isn’t until we have grown up that we realize that adulthood has a far more stringent set of rules. A big part of that is going to work every single day and that is exhausting. Commuting to work takes time. Sitting in an office and churning out work to the deadline is exhausting. And while it’s nice to get a salary for doing it, working hard five out of seven days a week leaves very little time for kicking back and relaxing at home or with friends.
Trying to fit in time to just be, to just switch off and take the time out to shrug off the office and relax all the way down to your toes can feel impossible. The key is to create your own opportunities to relax and grab them with both hands when they come around. Deciding what to do is easy, putting it into practice is not. Life is so chock full of things to get done that it’s never-ending. We’ve put together five ways that you can relax after work, so take a load off and pay attention!

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Prioritize. The easiest way to ensure that you get your downtime is to schedule it. Choose a day of the week that you will clock off from work on the minute that the office day ends. Make it an alarmed point in your calendar and get it scheduled in. It can feel a little counterproductive, to schedule in your relaxation time: it doesn’t sound very relaxed, does it? But if you don’t make a point of it, you can bet that you will find it hard to find the time.

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Unplug. Your downtime should not include electronics. You stare at a computer screen day in, day out at work. Order a huge bean bag from Fombags and get a stack of books and a bowl of chips ready. Your downtime should definitely be horizontal, comfortable reading where possible. Unplugging from the screens is a good way to switch off your mind. Facebook will still be there tomorrow.

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Bathe. You may well do this every day, but how long ago was it that you drew yourself a hot – no, really – bath with your favorite bubbles and your best loofah? Yeah, I thought so. A hot bath with a little music on the other side of the room is a good place to just sit and think. Add some essential oils to the bath to relax your mind.

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Exercise. Downtime doesn’t have to be restful, and exercise is a good way to get out all the adrenaline that builds up in your body. Go for a run or join a gym class. Put all your energy and frustration into it and you’ll be surprised how invigorated you feel.
Socialize. Seeing friends for a much needed catch up, a delicious meal and a glass of something strong is such an amazing way to reconnect with the people that you miss.
Relaxing doesn’t come easy; make it happen.

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