27 February 2018

5 Tips to Choosing a Drywall Sander

There are many difficulties experienced when sanding walls. But if you use the right tools, then such problems can be avoided. In order to know the best drywall sanders in the market, a small research is required. With the tips we are going to share with you today, you will easily identify a good drywall sander. When you use the right drywall sander it is going to save you some time and money. Below are five important tips that can help you choose the right drywall sander. If you follow the tips given below, you will find it easier to choose a drywall sander.

Here are 5 tips to choosing a drywall sander:
Know the Drywall Sanding Tools That You Need--
When sanding a drywall, you cannot use an oscillating or belt sander. Instead, you should use a hand sander. It has a flat pad and you may use it on walls that you can reach without using a ladder. You may use a pole sander for higher walls.
Sandpaper Grit--
In most remodelling tasks, using the right tools will enable you to do a good job. For best results, you should choose fine grit sandpaper. You should avoid coarse grit paper or sanding screens. You will not get the desired outcome if you sue these. The standard sandpaper grit that you should use for a good finish on dry walls is 150-grit sandpaper. Hand sander that can fit such grit sandpaper is, therefore, the most appropriate. Take special care when sanding the corners. There are special sponges that can be used to sand the corners of the building.
Choose as Drywall Sander That Requires Minimal Sanding Protection--
You will require protective gear that will shield you and surrounding environment from dust. There are also dust-catching sanding systems that you may install. They are not economical though because the cost is so high. It is therefore advisable to get a protective gear for your eyes, a mask, and gloves to protect you from dust. If you choose dustless sanders, then it will even be better since dust is reduced extensively.
Features of the Drywall Sander--
By knowing the main features of a drywall sander and comparing that with other types of sanders in the market, this can help you identify a good sander. Some of the features that you should watch out for include the dust collection system, the grip, and the speed. Trigger locks and pad brakes are the other features that you should watch out for.
Brand and Publicity--
It is a good idea to research on the brand in the market so as to choose the best. Getting such info can help you make a decision on what drywall sandpaper is best. There are some brands that are well known for their high-quality products. When choosing a drywall sander, you should consider this tip. It can help you choose the best drywall sander. In considering the brand, you also learn more about the sanding tools required in order to do a good job.

If you follow the above five tips, it will be possible to identify the best drywall sander. If you use a good drywall sander, the finish will also be excellent.

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