15 February 2018

5 Crafts to Get Your Kids Excited About Dental Health

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to brush their teeth?  You’re not alone! Many parents understand the struggle of getting young children to have a desire to brush and floss their teeth.

That’s why we’ve joined a durango dentistry to bring you this list of crafts to get your children excited about dental health.

#1 - Teeth Brushing Preschool Craft

This fun paper craft teaches your little one to brush over the entire surface of the tooth. All you need is some white paint, yellow and white paper, and an old (or cheap) toothbrush.

Find the full instructions at Paper and Glue.

#2 - Toothy Eggsperiments

Show your child the importance of brushing their teeth with these egg experiments. In this experiment you’ll dye the eggs with soda or another dark drink and let the children brush the discolored egg with toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Find the instruction at Luv Pre-K.

#3 - Egg Carton Teeth

In this crafty activity, you’ll let your child practice brushing and flossing on a styrofoam egg carton.

Find the full instructions at Teach Preschool.

#4 - Teeth Math Games

Get some Play Dough and these fun printables for some teeth math games. Combine dental health and math to help your children with their physical health and school!

Find the instructions at Tot Schooling.

#5 - Lego Teeth

Another fun activity to teach flossing is to use large Legos and Play Dough. Stuff the Play Dough between each of the pegs in the Lego and then give your child a large piece of yard to floss the Play Dough out with.

There are tons of fun activities that you can find to help your children get excited about their dental health. If you want some more ideas, try going to Pinterest and searching “fun teeth activities.”

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