05 January 2018

The 5 Things to Know About Online Dating for 50+ People

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Getting back into the dating scene when you are over fifty can be a daunting task, particularly now that dating has changed so much. The online world is something which can be challenging in itself, never mind using it to find a date; while some of the initial ways to find a date are still the same others (like going to the pub with your mates) are out of your reach. The following list of things to know about online dating is not comprehensive, but will hopefully get people started.

#1 - You might need to change – getting older and more set in your ways
is something of a cliche, yes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Getting older
(particularly as a single person), means that you are used to doing things in
particular ways: eating particular food, shopping in particular shops, even sitting
in particular chairs! Dating means that you will need to learn how to compromise
again, if you want to welcome somebody into your life.

    #2 - You need to be sure what you want out of a relationship – choose what type of dating you want. You could look at the best adult dating site list ever if you want an experience which is specific to your age, or you could choose one of the other common dating sites. Or, alternatively, you can forget about dating sites altogether and find dates the old-fashioned way! The important thing is to know what you want, so that it is more likely that you and any potential date will both be on the same page when it comes to what you want out of a date or relationship. This will reduce the chance of disappointment for everybody concerned.

    #3 - Have realistic expectations–this goes both ways, though I have personally met more men who demanded a wife who looked like a ballerina-model than I have women who demanded a model husband. Regardless of who has the ridiculous expectations, remember that you are both over fifty. Looks will fade over time – none of us are going to look the same as we did back in the day. Hopefully your tastes will have matured as well, so that we can see beyond the faded looks to what we love about men and women of this age and older.

      #4 - Consult each other’s tastes – this goes back to the compromising issue; you need to take each other into account when dating. If someone tells you that she is deathly afraid of sunflowers, for example, maybe don’t take her to the sunflower grove. Similarly don’t assume that that man will love tickets to a monster truck rally, particularly if they have expressed no interest in the subject.

      #5 - Be kind to each other – life is hard, and it can be a difficult trek through it. With this in mind, be kind to each other, and don’t mock your respective baggage. Some people are looking for a partner despite that, and it is unkind to deny them that comfort.

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