31 January 2018

Don't Let Bad Habits Ruin Your Hair

The hair is perceived as an integral part of your natural beauty. It’s no wonder that women with long hair are deemed more sensual: Your hair is part of your femininity. Good-looking hair becomes synonymous with womanhood, fertility, and sex appeal. As a consequence, damaged hair can often make you feel as if you couldn’t compete with other women. Should you feel a lesser woman if you suffer from hair damage? The answer is no. But unfortunately, poor hair can affect your confidence and your image of beauty. So, it’s important to understand what you can do to keep your hair looking its best and to protect it from harmful external factors.

What Is Hair Made Of?
First of all, you can’t care for your hair if you don’t know what it is. Your hair is essentially made of a protein called keratin, https://sciencing.com/, regardless of its shape or color. Keratin is a common protein in the body, as it can be found in your skin, your nails and your teeth. An individual hair is a follicle, which is attached by a bulb under the skin. Through the bulb, the follicle can nurture the nutrient you consume for its growth. As you might have noticed, consuming fatty food can make your skin look oily. You will experience the same phenomenon with hair follicles.

Style It Carefully--
While you should wash your hair regularly to remove dirt and oil, it’s important to understand that over-washing your hair can be damaging. Indeed, washing your hair is essential to remove the oil in the follicles, however, to remain healthy your hair needs to retain an oil element, so it doesn’t dry out. Another common mistake is to try to curl or straighten your hair while it is still wet. As wet hair is extremely fragile, you might break hair strands with the heat of the iron. Generally speaking, your hair will be happier without the application of heat, which means that your hairdryer might be the reason for brittle hair.

Can You Recover from Hair Damage?
What happens when your hair is damaged? The best option is to look for short hairstyles, such as here https://therighthairstyles.com/ so that your hair can focus on repair the damage on a short distance. There’s nothing like a good trim to revive your hair! Admittedly, the best approach is to be attentive to the first signs of unhealthy hair, such as split ends or dry scalp, so that you can change your hair routine to treat the damage before it’s too late. More often than not keeping your hair natural and chemical-free can work wonders!

Eat Your Hair Back to Health--
Finally, according to http://stylecaster.com/, you choose food that actively helps your hair. Eggs, for instance, contain biotin which helps to grow your hair. Sweet potatoes promote hair growth too and healthy scalp thanks to their beta-carotene content. And finally, the natural fatty acids of the avocado can stimulate collagen and elastin production for youthful hair, but it works best on local applications!

In short, let’s not split hairs on this: It’s time to improve your beauty routine for healthy hair follicles!

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