18 January 2018

5 Thrifty Household Savings Everyone Can Enjoy

If frugal is your middle name, then the chances are that you love a good bargain or adore nothing more than trying to save a few pennies anywhere that you can. In the home, it can be hard to discover new ways of saving your hard earned cash, especially with growing little ones in tow. However, by thinking outside the box and looking at every aspect of your home life, there will be pockets of expenditure still to experience your thrifty nature. Take a look at these five ideas to see you enjoying even greater savings within the home.

Sell, Sell, Sell--

While you might think this means you should start speculating on the stock market, you’d be wrong. Think about all the items you have in your loft and cupboards and drawers that you no longer need. One of the most lucrative areas in which to part with unwanted goods is kids clothes. If you’re not planning on having any more babies, think about rifling through the old babygrows, dungarees, shoes and booties and sell them on a well-known auction site and list them in the local classifieds. The better the condition, the more money you’ll get, and if you have lots of items of clothing, it soon stacks up. You’ll be making money while decluttering the house. Win, win.


Not the most thrilling subject in the world, but if you follow certain rules, you can cut your insurance bills drastically. If your home insurance premiums are increasing, consider fitting a security system to your humble abode to cut your monthly payment. Also, think about upgrading the window locks and getting a new front door. Although the initial outlay might be substantial, the decrease in your insurance premium means the upgrades could pay you back in less than twelve months while you then continue to benefit.

List It--

It doesn’t matter whether you are clothes shopping, heading to the DIY store or doing the grocery shop, it is always wise to head out with a list. This way, you’ll be less inclined to make those spontaneous buys, and you’ll stick to the plan you’ve handwritten.

Bulk Buy--

Even if there is only three or four of you under one roof, that doesn’t mean you can’t head to the local cash and carry or supermarket and buy six dozen toilet rolls or a mammoth box of laundry detergent. By doing this you may be overloading your trolley and you might find it tricky to manoeuvre it back to the car, but you will be saving a large amount of cash by buying your essentials in bulk.

One Pot Wonders--

As it’s winter, there’s no better time to sit down with a beef casserole, a warming chilli con carne or a steak pie. These one-pot wonders are easy to make, use cheaper cuts of meat and can last two nights, making your food bill go down. You kids will still enjoy a healthy diet, you’ll have a bit more money in your pocket, and you won’t have as much washing up to do!

Mastering the art of being thrifty isn’t about scrimping on quality; it’s about maximizing opportunities to save money without foregoing quality.

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