16 January 2018

5 Lawn Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Yes, it’s the middle of winter, but that means now is the perfect time to start planning what you want to do with your yard this year. Do you want to add some interesting landscaping? Or maybe you’re looking for easy ways to stay on top of weed control? No matter what you want to do with your lawn this year, start planning now so you can be prepared.
The Yard Butler, and Idaho Falls weed control company, put together this list of handy gadgets you might want to take a look at while planning what needs to be done for your yard this year.
#1 - Garden Genie Gloves
If you hate getting dirt under your finger nails when digging out weeds or planting seeds, you have got to try out these clawed garden gloves from Garden Genie.
Garden Genie Gloves Have Built In Claws For Digging
#2 - Robotic Lawn Mower
How great would it be to have a Roomba for your lawn? Find this Robotic Lawn Mower on Amazon. It isn’t cheap though, so start saving now if this is really on your wishlist for your yard.
#3 - Lawn Aeration Shoes
Now all you need to aerate your lawn are these attachments for your shoes. Then just take a little walk about the yard to get your lawn nice and aerated.
Lawn Aerator Sandals
#4 - Sprayman
This is a watering can and spray bottle forged into on perfect plant watering machine. You can find this wonderfully innovative design at Planet Natural.  
Scheurich Sprayman 1
#5 - Salt Gun
Sick of flies always swarming the seating area in your yard in the spring and summer? Then you have got to try out this salt gun. Get rid of those annoying pests while having a little fun.