02 December 2017

Veganizing Favorite Recipes - Baked Potato Soup

My Mom's clam chowder recipe turned out so good, so she decided to give me another soup recipe.  I'm not complaining!  This week, we are going to veganize her Baked Potato Soup.  Apparently, she's been making this stuff for years and it's one of her favorite soups.  I'm really excited to attempt to emulate this soup ... or at least see if I can find the rightful ingredients to give me the correct texture. 

Here is her original recipe that she emailed to me (and please, feel free to use the non-vegan version if you are so inclined):

Vegan Version Ingredients:


(2) large baking potatoes - 8 oz each
(1/3 cup) vegan butter
(6 T) sliced green onions, separated
(1/3 cup) AP Flour
(1/4 tsp) dried dill
(1/8 tsp) sea salt
(1/4 tsp) coarse ground pepper
(2 cups) unsweetened almond milk
(1 cup) vegan cheese
(1/2 pack) cooked vegan bacon

(1 c) cauliflower, steamed
(3/4 c) nondairy milk, unsweetened
(1 tbsp) vegan butter
(1 tsp) sea salt
(1/4 tsp) pepper


Just like last week, I used the amazing cream base that I found from Fork and Beans.  This cauliflower base is delightful for anything, but I have been loving it for these creamier soups!  Instead of using soymilk this time, I ventured towards the sweeter almond milk, and I liked it better. The recipe is versatile, though-- you can use any nondairy milk.  

For the cream base, I grabbed the ingredients:  cauliflower, almond milk, butter, sea salt, and pepper.

I steamed the cauliflower, and mixed everything together and blended it with my immersion blender. 

Next, I grabbed all the ingredients for the actual soup:  potatoes, vegan butter, green onion, flour, dill, sea salt, ground pepper, unsweetened almond milk, vegan cheese, and vegan bacon.

I cook my potatoes in the microwave, so I pricked them with a fork a few times, and stuck them in there for about 10 minutes, turning once.

In the meantime, I got the bacon going on the stove and cooked it with a little olive oil until it was crispy.  When it became crispy enough, I just chopped it up and put it into a little serving bowl as a topping.

This recipe calls for a lot of green onion choppin'... so cut them up!  Be sure to slice them fine so you don't end up chomping on huge slices of onion in your soup.  When you are done slicing up 6 tablespoons, reserve 3 tablespoons as a topper, and saute 3 tablespoons with the butter in pot on the stove.

After a few minutes, the onions became soft, so I added the flour to form a soft roux base.  Ensure that you continuously whisk during this phase as to not burn the roux.

The recipe says to slowly add the milk, but since I am not using the whole milk, I added the base that I made and the 2 cups of unsweetened almond milk and it thickened up and bubbled.  I also added all of the herbs as per the instructions.

During this time, I got my potatoes out of the microwave, and removed the pulp from the skins.

I added the baked potato to the soup , and then added half of the cheese (the other half was for the topping).

Since this is a thrifty blog, I should mention that I picked up a loaf of artisan take-and-bake bread for $1.49 at Kroger specifically for this meal.

It came out look and tasting amazing.

I put each soup topper in a little bowl:  bacon, cheese, and green onion.

This is the first meal that I have made in a LONG time where the kids have not complained about anything, where even the toppers have had to be refilled, and I have been asked to make again.  This recipe is a keeper.  It's healthy, it's vegan, and it's amazing. You should definitely try it!


Darlene said...

Glad you enjoy it! Yes, we've always had luck with everyone liking this soup too!
Love, Mom

Melissa Jackson said...

@Darlene ... thanks, Mom!! I love this soup!