02 December 2017

The Do's and Don'ts of Installing Vinyl Wall Decals

You just ended up browsing through Pinterest for ideas on installing vinyl wall decals. Now you feel enthusiastic to make your wall look Pinterest-gallery worthy. However, forming a constellation of holes is making you feel nervous which might force you to stick back to keeping the minimalist look of blank walls. If you think again, the end result and gains are worth the effort and commitment. Vinyl wall decals are low-cost and easy to remove at a minute's notice/discretion. They appeal to everyone – from growing kids to parents.

If you feel convinced to go ahead with the idea, here's how to go about the dos and don’ts of installing a vinyl wall decal.
DO prefer wall decals instead of artwork. You can decorate your decals by installing a frame around them. This will make an attractive gallery wall if your art collection is limited.
DON'T install wall decals in those spaces of your home which are formal. Areas, where you have put the finest of furniture pieces and d├ęcor, should be kept distinct for more notice-ability. Installing wall decals in such spaces may take away the spotlight of those items. For instance, if you are treating a huge family get-together with the fine china, you would rather want those lavish fixtures to shine instead of vinyl wall appliques.
DO abandon the paint roller because it is time to switch to the peel-and-stick decal. These decals are now a modern alternative to the outdated accent wall that many of us pulled off at one time or another. You can now play up your daughter’s room wall with story tale decals or geometric designs.
DON'T use text-based decals unless they are highly graphic or designed in a creative dimension. You can leave the inspirational quotes for birthday cards and social media affirmations. Use your living space for the decal-based artwork and show your creativity.
DO make a special corner for custom wall decals. There are many companies which offer customization of wall decals as per the customer’s choice. Leave that hanging art class masterpieces on the fridge behind. It is time to create beautiful murals of special moments and your children’s artwork.
DON'T complement your traditional wall art with wall decals because it will end up looking like a disaster. Although, they both render the same purpose but are two unique mediums. Pick one for each of your house’s space.
DO spice up your furniture with wall decals. If you want to add depth and visual interest in a room, you can incorporate decals with 3D items such as bookcases, beds, chairs, and even tables. Now go ahead and spend over that headboard decal so that your guest bedroom pops!
DON'T let wall decals act as a barrier to spaces of your home. You don’t have to create architectural elements but you can surely accentuate them. Just as you cannot have a fireplace without a chimney. Nobody wants to end up with a home looking like a dollhouse with 2D mantels and doors.

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