21 December 2017

Picking Ourselves up Even After the Little Things

You feel an immediate reaction in your nerves shooting up your body, you’ve fallen. Nothing life-threatening, just scary, sending chills up and down your spine. You don’t just fall to the ground or get hurt without evidence that it happened. Experiencing pain, whether in a traumatic or simple situation may leave you with a scar or a bruise. Some scars and bruises last and hurt much longer than a scrape on the knee, and there is a redness or swelling that occurs.
In life, you never know when you’re going to suffer from a scrape, or when you will trip and fall. In any situation, including emotional, physical, or mental hurt, there is a healing process that takes place for big and little injuries.

Immediate Hurt--

There’s not a whole lot you can do when we have already fallen or hurt ourselves. You avoid becoming injured and hurt, but it happens. The thought always crosses your mind, “What if I did that differently? Would I still be feeling like this?”
The human mind is so quick to blame and judge itself for an action that it makes, that you become engulfed in this dark place where you don’t see an end to your mistakes. You’re the only one that feels the pain from your mistakes. Like an injury on the football field, the player feels the pain, but the crowd doesn’t. The crowd knows he is hurting by the way he is grabbing his leg, but they don’t feel the pain. When you’re in pain, you need something to give you hope, a process of strength.

Receiving Strength--

After the pain and hurt, you are almost ready to pick yourself up, but there is still something that is causing you to stay down. Like a professional athlete that goes into orthopedic surgery after a horrible sports accident, time and patience must be considered. It is not easy to initially and miraculously stand up after getting the wind knocked out of you. Every little muscle and fiber in your being must gradually and slowly get back to where they were. Part of receiving strength is imagining life without the pain, seeing yourself on a higher plane. Like when you forget about stubbing your toe for the millionth time, the pain starts to recede. By this time, you can start getting yourself back together, rising inch by inch till you stand up completely.

Rising and Standing--

If you have already gone through the pain of falling or scraping your knee, then it's time to get yourself back in shape. Your strength will start to return and every bit of effort on your end counts. It doesn’t happen immediately, but you are starting to feel happy again. Adrenaline kicks in and you desire to do something to keep that happiness. With every fall or scrape, a change begins. Whether it be the way you played or the way you behaved that caused you to hurt, you decide what difference to make. As an athlete practices and practices each day, they get better, stronger even. We must forget about the mistakes we made and practice on improving every step of the way. An attitude of gratitude grows and the small things in life bring you joy.
The dust has finally been swept from your shoulders and you are standing once again, ready to play on and never look back.


Darlene said...

Thank you for this article.

Melissa Jackson said...

@Darlene ... Mom, you are very welcome! :-)