11 December 2017

Life in Vinyl Letters

The Creativity Conundrum
Can we all agree that arts and crafts time in preschool was pretty much the greatest of all? Our teachers would give us paintbrushes and crayons and we went crazy. As children, our imagination did not cease to exist. We would come up with the most creative and unique characters, stories, objects, anything! All it took was for us to think of even the most obscure things and let our creativity soar. Were these not the moments where we were in complete control of the situation and where we could even enter a different world? A world full of chocolate rainbows, skittle lakes, and trees that grew hundred-dollar bills. It didn’t matter, but it made us happy.
Life begins to change a little bit here and there, and soon we start to lose that creativity that we once cherished and loved so much. Now, without getting too dramatic about it, we have so much in life that tends to get in the way of, and we aren’t that creative young one anymore. Soon we are in a rut, where everything is bleak, the world is gloomy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That three-year-old we used to be can be brought back. That doesn’t mean that we should go back to throwing temper tantrums when we must eat our vegetables. We find happiness when we find inspiration to express who we are!
Adult Stickers
Remember in elementary school when we did something good, or turned an assignment in on time we got a gold sticker? Those stickers meant so much more to us back then, then if we got one for finishing a responsibility that our boss asked us to do. Wouldn’t be quite as rewarding, yet stickers can still be awesome! If we want to be creative again and bring back that child in us, why not go for some vinyl letters. They are stickers that express who we are and what matters most to us. It is easy to personalize our homes with decorations and pictures that make us happy, but remember the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Well, in this case “A thousand words is worth a picture.” Plus, guess what? You don’t even need to stick a thousand words on your wall to paint a picture, that’s what books are for.
No Plugs or Batteries Included
If you really want to show to the world how much your family means to you, write it on your walls. Of course, there is the option of love and compassion, but this is different. Take the time with your children and let their imagination and creativity provide you with your own imagination and creativity. We learn so much from kids, because they are so innocent and smart! The positive is that your phone or the remote won’t be necessary to enjoy quality time with your family. Show those around you that the child in you hasn’t gone and left. It is still here, and look out world for what you have in store!

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