15 December 2017

5 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts to Give This Year

Christmas is a time for giving and cherishing those whom we love the most. This year, show your loved ones how much you really care with some environmentally friendly gifts. Our friends at BiologiQ, a company that produces sustainable plastics with their BioBlends, have put together this wonderful list of eco-friendly Christmas gifts.
#1 - Beeswax Candles
Eartheasy has a great selection of 100 percent beeswax candles for the home decorator in your life. They are long burning and a great natural alternative for people who love to burn candles.
#2 - Books
Do you have a favorite book that you’ve read over and over again? Think of someone in your life who would enjoy the book just as much as you have, and give it to them for Christmas this year. You can even leave a meaningful message on the inside cover.
#3 - Baked Goods
Baked goods, such as cookies, pies, and bread are a great environmentally friendly gift to give to your loved ones. Who doesn’t love eating sweets around the holidays?
#4 - Your Time
Sometimes, all our loved ones want is to spend a little more time with us. Whether that is a date night that we surprise our significant other with, or a trip with our kids, time is priceless and will always be sustainable.
#5 - Handmade Gifts
Besides baked goods, any other handmade gift is a great eco-friendly alternative for gift-giving. You can put together a picture frame, make a work of art, carve out a book, or whatever you can imagine. If painting or gluing, try to use natural alternatives.

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