01 November 2017

Thrift Store Haul of the Month - October

This month we went to Last Chance Goodwill and Abba House.  We were searching for (primarily) winter clothes for 5 kids.  I would say that we were majorly successful!   

I tried to take pictures of everything, but I am trying to get better at that... 

If you are unfamiliar with Last Chance Goodwill, it operates a little bit different than a conventional thrift store... on Thursdays, all clothing (no matter what it is is $0.50, and all linens are weighed $1.50/lb.  Everything else is called 'wares' and is measured by weight at $0.99/lb.  Shoes are $2.00/pair.  

Here are my receipts for the day:

Here are some of the clothing items from Last Chance, with the exception of my clothing items (I forgot to put them in the picture):

Abba House always has a great deal on their books.  They are typically buy 10 books for $1.99.  What a great way to grow a home library.  I love books.  

Here are some of the other things:

Overall, it was a pretty good October.  The Jordan's went to my sister in Ohio, the brown English boots are for my daughter, the rain boots are for my son.  The Steve Maddens are for me, of course.  :-)

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