17 November 2017

Simple Decorations to Make Your Home Feel Like Christmas

When you have guests over for the holidays, whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s almost unheard of for your home not to be decorated. Of course, you’re going to decorate for the holidays, but when you’re hosting everyone at your home, decorating can sometimes feel like just another stressor thrown into the mix. Some Idaho Falls home builders have a solution for you – this list of simple decorations that make your home feel like Christmas.
Instead of going all out with decorations streaming from one wall to the next, pick some simple decorations that give your home the “less is more” effect.
Candles are a powerful decoration in their simplistic beauty. Pick out some candles in holiday colors, like reds, greens, orange, white. Not only do these candles add a pop of color reminiscent of holiday cheer, but they also have the capability to set the mood with ambient lighting and scents. Choose some candles that smell like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, or fresh pine – or whatever scent brings memories of childhood Christmas gatherings to you and your family. Smell is powerful when it comes to memories, so even if you don’t have a ton of decorations up, just the memories of past Christmases with a perfectly scented candle will bring the Christmas spirit to life in your home.
Lighting is everything. Just like the candles can add some ambient light, so can Christmas lights. All you need are the lights and some nails or hooks to create a cozy holiday atmosphere. Whether are putting lights in your Christmas tree or hanging them along the stairwell, they will make your home feel more like Christmas, with minimal effort.
A Tree--
If all you have for your Christmas decorations is a decorated pine tree, your home is guaranteed to feel more like Christmas. The Christmas tree has become a symbol of this wonderful holiday. Whenever we see it (or smell it), the first thing we think of is Christmas and all of the memories we have of opening up presents on Christmas morning by the tree or reading a Christmas Carol by the tree light. Even if it is only a small tree with one string of lights, it will help to cultivate those feelings that emanate so strongly at this time of year.

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