17 November 2017

Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts and Christmas Presents for New Moms

With the holiday season just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about what to get to that special new mom! Whether she is your partner, sister, or a friend, it can be really difficult to come up with a gift for Christmas.
This is especially so if you are not a mom yourself (yet?). Most families do not make a big deal about their moms during the holiday. This trend must change by bringing mom the best gifts to make them feel appreciated.

We are here to help you pick things that the new mom in your life will not only enjoy but they might also come in handy when it comes to her little one. Below you will find a list of 5 items, which are perfect for new moms. 
That might not come in use right away but surely in a few short months there will be a little cutie learning how to crawl! Playmats come in all different sizes, colors, and shapes, so be sure to take into account the space that the new mom in your life has at her disposal. We have to say that our favorite playmats are also part-soothers (see next gift idea).
Crib Toy or a Soother-- 
This Christmas gift is rather self-explanatory. Imagine a little solar system attached to the crib! Or a lovely tiny circus with figurines in a circle! Remember to check that all parts are well attached, and generally baby-friendly, though. 
Feeding Bottles--
Yes, we know that some new moms choose to breastfeed-- but don’t forget about water and juice a little longer down the road. You can never have too many feeding bottles with a baby around!
Winter Baby Clothes--
It is Christmas, and perhaps you want to spend it on the beach with a cocktail. But depending on where the new mom in your life lives, she might need some new winter baby clothes. Babies grow so fast too, it is difficult (and expensive!) for most new parents to accommodate for all the winter clothing sizes. 

Diapers might not be your first thought when it comes to Christmas gifts and presents. But they will certainly be much appreciated! This is the number one item that gets used the most. If you can find them in your area, perhaps try the biodegradable ones – perfect not only for the baby but also for the environment. Who could resist that? 

Digital Camera--
Now that the baby has winter clothes and a (hopefully) endless supply of diapers and toys, there is one last thing that will make this Christmas unforgettable. Getting the little one and the new mom a memento from their first Christmas together! There is nothing better than being able to make photos together, or record fun family video! We use digital camera mainly to capture our exceptional moments like Christmas, birthdays, marriage, vacation, etc. We do it to keep our memories in the form of photos.
These photos will act as remembrance of the party and the events that occurred during the holiday. The camera is a wonderful gift to moms because they bring reality in their lives and make it last forever.
Lastly, we think that is also can be a great idea to ask the new mom in your life what would she really love for Christmas. Whichever Christmas present you pick for the new mom in your life, remember that the best ones are those from the heart. What stays with us are the nice memories, that keep us warm in the long winter evenings.

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