30 November 2017

Giving Without Remembering

The Holiday Craze--

One of the best things at Christmas time is all of the amazing traditions. As a family, we created a special tradition that has lasted for many years now. This is a special time when families can get together to watch favorite classics like “White Christmas” or “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.” It doesn’t matter as long as you’re together. We hear a lot about all the incredible traditions that families and people have, but it wasn’t like the old days where we had everyone gather around a Christmas tree singing, “Dah Who Doraze”. Christmas has changed dramatically due to the commercialism of the whole thing. And with the craze and stress about all of it, we tend to forget those jolly times of togetherness and joy.

A Lesson to Be Learned--

It’s hard to step outside of ourselves and focus on others. But what would happen to us if we turned a new leaf and thought about others for a change? Would it get us to that new Ferrari we always wanted? Would it help us look cooler around our friends? In some ways, it might. It’s a good time to think about this quote, “give without remembering and receive without forgetting.”

How to Give Without Remembering--

Remember back to a time when others looked inside themselves and gave? Just think about the many men and women who have affected you in your life somehow. What gave them the title of, say, ‘Role Model’ or ‘Hero’? How can we become like those great men and women? For starters, we must change ourselves. Not a single soul on this earth will force you to give to the Salvation Army, or even make a delicious meal for someone in need. It is our choice for what we do. When we want to give without remembering, we gain habits and mannerisms that shape a serviceable person. When we don’t even see it. Wasn’t it a small girl down in Whoville who saw the Grinch as a person and not a monster? Everyone thought she was crazy to think that someone as cold as the Grinch could change, even he himself. Cindy Lou Who wasn’t looking for recognition or anything, she did what she wanted to do to help someone she felt needed help.

What Can You Do to Help?--

We see it all over and around the world, people reaching out in service. We hear stories and songs about a person who looked inside themselves and made a difference. The most incredible and realistic lesson we can take from these miraculous stories is that we can be those people. If you look hard enough you will find there are opportunities everywhere. There are plenty of things to do in Teton County, activities and organizations looking for anyone to help. Reaching out to someone during the Holiday season provides you with confidence and strength to overcome even the most frustrating and stressful challenges of everyday life, including the Holiday craze. Don’t believe me? Put service to the test!

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