13 November 2017

5 Great Children's Books About Dental Hygiene

Getting small children to brush their teeth every day can be a tall task. Most often, if you don’t do it yourself, it isn’t going to get done. But maybe there’s another way you can instill the importance of brushing teeth into their young minds. Because they know how difficult a task this can be, a team of Pocatello dentists put together this list of ten children’s books about teeth brushing.
Reading books about dental health with characters that your children will instantly love might give them a greater desire to become more like that character through improving their dental health. It’s also a fun way to teach them about how to treat their teeth.
Find a book with a character your children already know and love, like SpongeBob! In this book, SpongeBob is getting ready for his 6-month checkup with his dentist and teaches his friend Patrick the importance of taking care of your teeth. He also show his friend that the dentist is not a scary place.
This book is perfect for ages 5 to 8. It is full of fun facts and pictures to help teach your children how and why they should take care of their teeth. It answers questions like what to expect when you go to the dentist and what to do if you lose a tooth. It has many 5-star reviews on Amazon from teachers and parents.
In this book, a little boy didn’t like to brush his teeth so his teeth decided to look for a new mouth. This fictitious story is perfect for teaching your children why they need to brush their teeth. Many reviewers were thrilled about the colorful graphics and fun rhythmic storytelling this book offers. It keeps children engaged all while sharing an important lesson.
If your children are anxious about their next dentist visit, this is the perfect book to share with them. Curious George is nervous about his first dentist visit too, but in the book, he overcomes this fear and learns about the importance of good dental hygiene.
One reviewer even said, “We purchased this book for our three-year-old son before his first visit to the dentist. He gets a bit anxious if he doesn't know what to expect, and this book was perfect.”
This adorable pop-up book is filled with animals that show your child how to brush their teeth. Each animal teaches a different aspect of brushing or flossing that your child can imitate throughout the story. Multiple reviewers said this book has helped their children enjoy brushing their teeth more.
Do some research and find some books that your children will love. If you don’t want to purchase these books, see if you can find these or other great books about dental health at your local library.

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