09 November 2017

4 Tips to Avoid Hair Damage

It's simple... women like to have good-looking hair. It is a fact of life and I like seeing women enjoy their good-looking hair. Here are 4 tips I found that will help you avoid damaging your hair and help your hair look its most beautiful:

Tip #1-
do not curl or straighten wet hair. Watch out when you are in a hurry and your hair is still wet. I have found that wet hair is the easiest to damage. Heat and cool water do not mix and the combination can break your hair strands leaving your weak and damaged. So be careful. Try to schedule washing your hair when you have time to let it dry.

Tip #2-
do not over-wash your hair. You want to look good I understand that but over-washing can dry out your hair which removes any beauty you may have obtained. If you want great looking hair, try making a schedule and skip a day or so. You won’t have a bad hair day by missing one shampoo or so a week. It is good to let your natural oils work on your hair so it does not dry out.

Tip #3-
Do not use a lot of heat on your hair. This is especially so for those women who have thin, fine or fragile hair types. If you can’t live without your curling iron or hair straightener then find one that has different heat settings so you can lower the temperature and protect your good looking hair. Be careful for if you use heat daily you risk permanently damaging your hair.

Tip #4-
avoid brushing from the top down. I know this is easier said than done but if you can master it you have a better chance of not damaging your hair. If you start at the top there is the danger of ripping your hair out and that is not good if you want beautiful looking hair. Take the easy path and start from the bottom and go up.

And now, I'd like to say a few words about heat protectant. Heat can ruin your hair but thankfully there are a lot of ways to protect your hair from the damage heat brings. You can find the best heat protectant for you and your hair by doing a little research. They are not all the same for every woman does not have the same hair. Find the right heat protectant for you. I know your hair will thank you for it.

Finally, I found that a good titanium flat iron can help you style your hair without damaging it. It heats up faster and does the job quicker than any other version of flat irons.

There you have it-- my four tips for avoiding damaging your hair. Beautiful hair on a woman stands out and propels her beauty above the rest of the women in the world. Take the time to take care of your hair so you stand out. Your hair is worth the extra effort.

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