05 October 2017

When It Comes to Applying a Budget to Makeup

Applying makeup can be both therapeutic and frustrating. After all, there’s a lot to get a hang of when you first sign up. However, makeup is fun to play with, and looks amazing when it’s on. It doesn’t matter who is using it, makeup often makes us look better because of its defining and colorful properties. Yet, not everyone can afford the usual luxuries we’re so used to in our culture. Time to sort the cheap-and-cheerful from the overpriced!


So we’ve discussed this a little before now, but some more detail is key to getting the makeup bag right for a cheap shop that will still make you look good. Here’s a few key tips to buying makeup when you’re adhering to a strict budget, but still want to use cosmetics to your advantage.

Always Look for Discounts --
Discounted makeup may seem like a bit of a shady deal, but there’s nothing
wrong with buying a mascara that has only half its shelf life left. You’ll get plenty of use out of it, and it’ll still look as good as the full price stuff.

Similarly, shop online when you can. Shipping prices can go up and down depending on what you have in your basket, but loyalty rewards and promotions for new customers are popular online nowadays. Seeing as most people turn to the internet to get their retail needs more often than they go to the actual store these days, it’s smart for the stores to entice you into buying more than you need with a good discount. Use these to your advantage, and splash out on that $40 eye palette you’ve been eyeing up for months!

Catch your favorite items when they’re on sale and bulk-buy while you have the chance. It’ll work out cheaper than waiting and going full price when you actually need them.

What to Buy in the Preparation Section --
A good rule for things like face and hand creams is to never go above $10. That’s just extravagant; and there’s plenty of $5-and-under creams out there that work just as well than the so called ‘fancy’ stuff.

Good face masks don’t have to come to anymore than $2 usually, and they’re a huge hit in multiple countries. Trying something like a sheet mask, and catching it on sale, means your skin will be quickly rejuvenated and smooth as ever.

If you buy a cream for your skin that cleanses away oil and grease, then buy the same brand products in that section to build up your face, such as a moisturizer. Brand lines are meant to be used together, and you’re guaranteed for them to work well rather than mixing and matching to the best of your ability.

What Colors to Shop for --
When buying makeup on a budget, you don’t want to splash out on some green eyeshadow because you thought it looked good in the harsh light of the shop, only to come home and realize it doesn’t suit your hair or skin tone at all. Some people don’t mind this however; it’s great to branch out with your choices and do what you want with your own skin! Yet, if you’re self conscious about your looks, or what to combine your natural beauty with, try some tried and tested colors.

The shades that look good on everyone are darker, neutral colors. For eyeshadow especially, grays and dark reds look really good. This can also fit into browns, and sometimes with a bit of sparkle. Everyone loves a good smoky eye after all!

For the cheeks and your blush, or your highlighter and bronzer, try light colors like peach or a light skin tone type. Of course the tone of your skin is going to dictate how well a bronzer shows up, but a nice rouge also works well for cheeks when you have a more olive or brown complexion. If you can’t find the right color for your cheeks, you can turn to your lipstick, and rub a little of them into the apple lines of your face.

Then you have the lips, often the focal point of a makeup look. Bright reds and dark rouges always work well for puckering up, and are striking and seductive when you need then to be. They also look pretty professional as well, so don’t be afraid to apply a little for the office!

Try Some Organic Products --
It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, or your eyelashes, to find and buy some organic makeup. Looking for the best organic cosmetics brands can be easy when you have some favorable reviews on your hands and the right advice in your pocket. So here goes!

Avoiding toxins is something a lot of us should try to do more. Yet everything is made up of chemicals, and no matter what you do you can’t avoid having chemicals in the air you breath, the food you eat, and the makeup you apply to your face. Yet, putting something on your face that is meant to make your skin look gentle, healthy, and glowing doesn’t mean it has to be practically irradiated with chemicals we shouldn’t have anywhere near our bodies. Quite a lot of the time the drug store or pharmacy’s own brand of makeup will have a natural collection, and because they’re own brand they work out a lot cheaper whilst still having an excellent quality.

Natural collections will usually have the fair trade guarantee symbol and be in eco-friendly, so try rooting around in the back of the store. Also be on the lookout for certain names, colors, and phrases in the ingredients list to see if the organic section is really as eco-friendly as it claims.

If You Want It to Last a While --
So it might be better to get a higher priced makeup item if you want to use it in the long term. There’s a little more assurance to its shelf life and makeup quality when there’s a big price tag, and there’s less lying involved when it comes to the ‘waterproof’ claims. Invest now and use later, and you won’t have to fork out for more and more when that perfect bronze runs out and you can’t hit the town with the impact you so desperately needed.

It can be a smart move, but don’t splash out too much. Companies are just asking too much of us when they offer a whole contour kit for $120. Sometimes a shop will have its own designer range, so look out for that too when it comes to trying to go high end on a budget.  

Overall, buy what you want, but do it at a cheaper rate. There’s a lot to consider when you’re faced with wall to wall makeup shelves when walking into a drugstore or beauty shop, but search higher and lower than just the middle height. Often you’ll find unsung heroes out of your eye reach, and be sure to search every container you come across. Don’t get upset about your beauty choices either, hardly anybody has a personal hair and makeup team on hand to make them look as good as the Photoshop on billboards and magazines!

Whether you’ve been shopping for makeup for a long time, or if you’re a beginner, practicing budget shopping can prepare you for the real thing, and means you know where all the secrets are hidden under the label.

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