25 October 2017

Flower Arrangements You Have to Try This Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us, so if you don’t have your decorations up yet, it’s time to get on it. If you’re looking for some cute and unique decorations this year, try some fall floral arrangements. We know a great company that provides Utah yard services that put together this list of Halloween flower arrangements - the perfect Halloween decoration for your front porch or yard.


1. Pumpkin Vase --

Try using a pumpkin for a vase. Carve it out like this one and arrange some beautiful flowers inside. To give it more of the Halloween feel, you can even carve a Jack-o-Lantern face into the pumpkin. Try Laura Ashley for some great tips on creating your Halloween flower arrangements.



2. Skull Vase --

Use a skull for a vase for more of an eerie edge. Use dead, or dark, roses and moss like this arrangement found on Pinterest. Dress it up with spiderwebs and dead branches. You could even add in some fake spiders. This would be a great addition for a cemetery look to your yard.



3. Cauldron Vase --

Brew up a beautifully eerie arrangement in an old stone (or plastic) cauldron. You can add in a pumpkin like this arrangement from Pinterest. Place it on a tree stump, along your walkway or even on your front porch.



4. Black and White --

Use a black vase, white flowers, and spiders for the perfect Halloween arrangement. You can make a bunch of arrangements like this of various sizes to place along your porch or walkway. Use ground lights to brighten these up on Halloween night for the trick-or-treaters. Find this arrangement at Theme Rooms.

Deranged Halloween Centerpiece.jpg

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