10 October 2017

7 Super Simple DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

Do you take your pet trick-or-treating with you every year? Or maybe you want them to be dressed up along with you at your Halloween party. No matter the occasion, this list of DIY pet Halloween costumes from a group of vets in Idaho Falls will get you in the right direction.
#1 - Beanie Baby
This genius Halloween hack will turn your pet into a nostalgic memory from yours and your friends’ childhood. Maybe you still have some beanie babies lying around somewhere. And the best part is – you don’t have to cover up their cute little face!
#2 - Pet Tuxedo
If you have a black pet, this might be the right course of action to take for their costume. Take on old dress shirt collar, add a Velcro fastener, and transform your pet into Mr. Fancy! This is an especially great costume for when you have company over.
#3 - Skeleton
Here’s another great one for a black pet. Get some white chalk and turn them into a skeleton like this spooky pup. This one will probably work best with a more patient and outdoor pet.
#4 - Cerberus
If you’re a fan of Greek mythology or plan on wearing a toga for your costume this year, then this cute Cerberus costume is for you. Just take some old stuffed animals that look similar to your dog – maybe find some at Goodwill – and attach their heads to a harness or collar.

#5 - Lion
Another great last-minute costume is a lion! It’s as easy as picking up a fur coat from a thrift store, or some furry fabric from a local crafts store. And it will keep your pet warm on a chilly evening if you plan on showing off their costume outdoors.
#6 - Fawn
The deer makeup look was all the rage in human costumes a couple years ago, but if you plan on doing that again, your dog can match you with this costume. Simply get some white chalk and turn your pup into your baby deer!
#7 - Sushi
For your small white pet, turn them into a sushi roll. Use a dark green or black headband (or narrow piece of fabric) and make a small tuna or salmon pillow with cotton and orange fabric.
Have fun and get creative with your pet’s costume this year. Keep it simple so your pet is happy and comfortable too. Happy haunting!

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