07 October 2017

5 Halloween Treats with Terrific Teeth

Are you ready for Halloween? The kids are begging for candy every time they see it, they won’t stop asking about their costumes, and they are way too excited for this holiday. Instead of trying to hide in a closet until the madness passes, try to embrace it with some yummy treat-making. Help your kids rein in their excitement with some fun Halloween-themed snacks at home.
A kids dentist in Idaho Falls put together this list of snacks with terrific teeth. Just be sure to have your little ones brush theirs when they are done!
#1 - Vampire Doughnuts
Pick up some plastic vampire teeth from a dollar store and a set in the middle of each doughnut. Use chocolate chips or sprinkles for the eyes. This is an easy treat to surprise your kids with because it only takes minutes to prepare. Afterwards, the kids can all pretend to be vampires with their new teeth.

#2 - Apple Teeth
Apples and peanut butter are all staples in any home with kids (unless allergies arise). All you need is some marshmallows to throw into the mix and you can put your kids to work creating these fun apple peanut butter teeth. If your child does have peanut allergies, you could use cream cheese for the “glue.”

#3 - Dracula’s Dentures
Similar to the apple teeth, but a little more on the sugary side of things, this toothy treat will bring all the fun of Halloween in a few bites. Use chocolate chip cookies – or any favorite cookie – red icing, marshmallows, and almond slivers.
Find the recipe at The Girl Who Ate Everything.
#4 - Skull Sandwich
Turn an ordinary sandwich into some Halloween fun! Simply cut the sandwich into the shape of a skull like the picture shows. No lunch can be boring with a skull face!
#5 - Skull Pizza
Turn a favorite meal into a skull with pepperoni teeth! You can even decorate it with olives, peppers, and other toppings to look like a sugar skull.
Find the recipe at Hungry Happenings.

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