19 October 2017

5 Fun Ways to Embrace Halloween Without the Candy

Kids get excited about all of the candy they are likely to acquire on Halloween night. The spend the month plotting and planning ways to get the most candy from their neighborhood much to the chagrin of their parents and dentists. But there are ways to embrace the fun and excitement that Halloween has to offer to keep their little minds off the candy.
A periodontist in Fairfax knows the struggle of trying to get children to forget about the candy, and so she made this list of fun ways to celebrate Halloween without candy.
#1 - Pumpkin Carving Contest
Go to the pumpkin patch for a family activity, and when you get back, have a pumpkin carving contest! Let your kids explore their creativity with their new pumpkin. You can even help them look through fun designs online that they might want to use. This is an easy way to get them thinking about the new task at hand and get their minds off of candy. Bonus: You can roast the pumpkin seeds afterward for a great sugar-free snack too!
#2 - Pumpkin Relay Race
Before cutting open those pumpkins, have some fun with them. Let your kids get out some of their energy outside with pumpkin relay races. You can have them take turns rolling the pumpkin down the yard and back. You can even create an obstacle course with large pumpkins for them to run around. Get creative with this one, and have fun!
#3 - Halloween Art
Print out some Halloween-themed coloring pages or help your kids get creative with some Halloween art. They can draw pictures of pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, or whatever they set their minds to. Put on some fun Halloween music to draw to and join them in their fun.
#4 - Dress Up
Dressing up and playing pretend is half the fun of being a kid, and now is the best time to do it. Help them create costumes from things you can find around the house. You can paint their face and help them get dressed up too. This might even get them more excited about what costume they’re going to wear than all the candy they’re going to get.
#5 - Pet Fashion Show
If you have a good-natured pet who is your kids’ best friend, then have a pet fashion show or photo shoot. Let your kids dress up the dog in a Halloween costume and take pictures of it. They’ll have so much fun playing with the dog in its costume and can even learn some new photography skills.

There are a million things you can do with your kids to keep the Halloween excitement alive, and the thoughts of candy at bay. Do a little research and find the activities you think your children will enjoy the most. Have fun with them!


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