02 October 2017

5 DIY Children's Costumes with Customizable Features

Halloween is just around the corner, and your kids want to get every costume they see in passing at every store. But costumes are getting so expensive, and to be frank, are cheaply made. And if you buy a costume at the store, your child will just look like every other Elsa or Kylo Ren in the neighborhood.
Be creative this year and help your child find a costume that is unique to their personality. Childcare providers at a Rigby preschool took the time to compile this list of costumes that you can make uniquely for your child.
#1 - Mermaid
With sequins and seashells, your pretty little girl will love this DIY mermaid costume. Let your child pick out the shells and their favorite color for the tail and accessories. Add a sea-themed tiara for a mermaid princess look. Use a long-sleeved skin-toned top if it will be chilly in your area for trick-or-treating.
#2 - Unicorn
Turn a headband into a unicorn with this fun costume idea. Everything from the horn to the makeup and colors is completely customizable to suit your little girl’s biggest unicorn fantasy. Tease some yarn or use colored tulle for the tail and arm cuffs, and use a ballet leotard and tights for the base of the costume. Go wild and have fun!
#3 - Dinosaur
Try this no sew dinosaur costume for your little monster. Let your child choose their favorite colors and pick up some inexpensive colored sweats or coordinating t-shirt and pants, a hat, some felt or foam and start designing!
#4 - Scarecrow
This scarecrow costume is too cute to pass up. Obviously, the straw and hat are a given. But the clothes can be totally unique – from the flannel shirt down to the patches. Use a shirt your child already owns, and if you don’t want to go out and buy overalls, use a pair of jeans and safety pin the patches and flowers to the clothes.
#5 - Piñata
From the top of the head down to the toes, everything about this piñata costume can be uniquely made. Use a variety of colored fleece pieces and lay them over clothing – whether sewing or gluing – get creative! You don’t have to stick with this traditional piñata design either, you can go with your child’s imagination and turn them into any kind of piñata they want. With the amount of candy they’ll likely be filled with at the end of the night, this may be the most suitable costume you can find.

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