07 September 2017

Taking Your Daily Vitamins: Do's & Don'ts

Daily supplements and tablets of certain vitamins and minerals can really help improve your diet, especially if you suffer from certain food allergies that restrict you. Plus, they can help other restrictive diets, such as veganism, get all of the essential nutrients that we all need to lead a healthy life. But is it really so simple as taking a small tablet every day? Unfortunately not. However, the following 'do's and don'ts' will help you get more knowledgeable about your supplements and can help keep you and your family safe.


✅ Do - See Your Doctor

Even though you can easily buy supplements in the supermarket and at health stores, you should treat them as medication. After all, taking them will have a significant effect on your mental and physical health! So, as with all medications, you should consult your doctor before you start to take a new supplement. He or she will be able to advise you on which brands are best, and they can also let you know if any other medications might be affected by increasing your vitamin and mineral intake.

𝕏 Don’t - Forget About Side Effects

Just like medication, supplements will have side effects as well. As this website shows though, there are some like the AlgaeCal side effects, that are relatively minimal. But it is always best to check the label so that you know what to expect. For most supplements, side effects will be easy to manage, like nausea and tiredness. If you experience any long-lasting or serious side effects, get in touch with your doctor.


𝕏 Don’t - Rely On a Multivitamin

Most people take a multivitamin every day. They think that this will cover all of their vitamin and mineral needs, and cuts down on the number of tablets they need to take every day. However, it really isn’t a good idea to simply rely on a multivitamin. Some important things are actually left out of these all-in-one pills. For instance, you won’t find a multivitamin that includes probiotics. Also, if you suffer from a specific vitamin deficiency, you should focus on tablets for that vitamin instead as it will come in higher levels.

Do - Remember Your Main Diet

Some people believe that, as long as they take daily supplements and vitamin tablets, then they can eat and drink whatever they want. Again, this isn’t the case, and you still need to make sure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Just because you are taking a vitamin supplement doesn’t mean that you can stop eating food sources for it. Supplements are exactly that - they supplement what you already get from your diet.


Do - Get Into a Good Routine

Once you start taking a supplement, you need to make sure that you are taking it at the same time every day. Getting into a good routine can help you with this. That way, you are a lot less likely to forget to take your tablet each day.

Hopefully, this has told you everything you need to know about supplements!


Sophia Alves said...

Very interesting. You have mentioned side effects which haven't even occurred to me when taking my daily vitamins, but now when I have actually looked at the bottles I was shocked. I had no idea they actually had so many side effects, and to be honest, I too didn't see them as medicine, but just like a lot of best things from fruits and vegetables taken out and placed in a small pill.... I am a bit embarrassed. Thank you for sharing this, it is very educative to read when choosing the right supplements and vitamins for yourself.

Melissa Jackson said...

@Sophia ... Thanks! I started considering them as medicine when my doctor asks me which vitamins I am taking alongside any normal prescriptions. They can have some pretty nasty interactions if not considered.

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