27 September 2017

Simple & Cheap Ways to Look Awesome This Winter

What provisions and items do you purchase to prepare yourself for winter? Likely you make sure your heat is working, purchase more blankets to keep your family warm, as well as entertainment to keep yourself comfortable and together in the cold winter evenings. However, there are other items you can spend your money on to help you feel wonderful during this time of year.

We’d like to suggest that looking awesome by simply redefining your look, or going through a new makeover can help you feel wonderful in winter. It can also help you seem present with the times, as a summer look is much different and slightly out of place in winter. Floral tiaras and contouring, while gorgeous, is much better suited to the celebratory expression of winter.

However, there’s no reason trying to achieve this should cost you an arm and a leg. There are plenty of cost-effective methods of making sure you keep the fashionable upgrades you want but for cheap. Here are some simple tips as to how to achieve this:

Your Hair--

Your hair is likely the first place you look when hoping to bring more vibrancy into your style. For this reason, changing this first can be a complete way to overhaul your look. However, we all know that booking complete and trustworthy hair appointments can be costly, sometimes running into the hundreds of dollars. If you’re looking to complete changes your look and go for multiple changes, this can take a few sessions.

For this reason, opting instead for tape in hair extensions can help you achieve multiple looks (all in the same day if required,) for much cheaper. Plus, maintaining this hair is much easier, and requires ten times less in terms of your daily hair maintenance schedule.

Your Makeup--

The good thing about winter is that you need much less makeup to look like your beautiful natural self, and this is not because of the lower light levels. Instead of going for your full look, consider dropping it down in complexity a little bit. Opting for smaller, less applied amounts of makeup in pastel colors can help you fit in with the golden yet darkening nature around you, and can help you appropriately fit in with the darker colors in your wardrobe around this time.

If you’re unsure, taking the time to research online about the best and most subtle forms of makeup, or simply investing the money in a personal beautician to give you some tips, while expensive at first, can help you save plenty of money long term throughout the season in a smaller purchasing requirement.

Shop the Sales--

Many of the summer clothes which were popular will now be much cheaper because a new season has rolled around. But this never means that the summer clothes will never need to, or cannot be worn again. It’s not as if there aren’t any cardigans on sale during summer and they suddenly become abundant in winter. Purchasing clothes from the previous season which still fit this one in style can help you save unnecessary costs in purchasing ‘the best’ and ‘most in fashion clothing,’ which is usually arbitrarily defined by the clothes stores design team themselves. If you’re visiting this blog, you’re obviously a smart consumer, and this is one of the areas where you can exercise your wisdom.

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