21 September 2017

..::Product Review::.. Mirenesse - Secret Weapon Supreme 24HR Mascara

THE REVIEW:  I was provided with the opportunity to test out the 'Secret Weapon Supreme 24HR Mascara' from Mirenesse, and let you guys know if it actually works.  There is a ton of makeup/skincare available on their website, but this mascara seemed interesting due to all of its claims and it is an International Beauty Award Winner.

The mascara comes packaged in a sturdy box with a coupon for future purchases.

I am sure that by now, you guys fully understand my obsession with makeup.  I love watching videos about application, learning how to use new products, and be the first to try something new.  I can honestly speak to the fact that mascara can make or break a look.  To me, a look never seems 'finished' without a dark coat of mascara.  It's the polish to any makeup routine.  Prior to this review, I was using the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and on days when I didn't want a super thick coat, I used the Benefit They're Real! Tinted Lash Primer.

Before I even begin the 'official' review process, I would like to share my first impression notes:

+ The feel of this mascara package alone is much higher in quality as compared to other mascara packaging.

+ The box makes a lot of claims that I am hoping that this product can live up to.

+ A lot of time has been taken to create a beautiful tube design that stands out from other mascara tubes, so let's hope the product is something to write home about.

+ This mascara won an International Beauty Award for the best mascara; what sets it apart?

This mascara can be found here and costs $28.00 (This company is out of Australia, so monetary conversion may be required).  The company also offers a VIP Beauty Club that allows you to save money on your products and shipping.  

Here is a little bit of information about this mascara from Mirenesse:

Make magic happen! Instantly create super long full lashes and transform your world like never before. All you've ever wanted from a mascara is here with the new leader of the next generation of mascaras; our Secret Weapon Supreme 24Hr Mascara! 

This mascara comes packaged in a thick box with a ribbon pull.  You will find all of the product claims, ingredients, and more on the back of the package.  Inside of the box you will find the tube of mascara and a coupon for a future purchase.

The tube is made of a tough polymer and is black featured with gold accents.  It is a uniquely-shaped tube, not the typical cylinder that is done many times over.  An interesting part of the design (that unfortunately does not photograph well) is the gold glitter gradient stemming from the top of the tube to the bottom.  It's classy and beautiful.

The handle of the wand is contoured for comfort, yet it features a glitter ball design at the end to tie everything together.

The wand itself measures a solid 3", which gives you enough play for a comfortable application, but not too much where you feel like you do not have control over the brush.

One unique aspect of this mascara is the wand composition.  It contains microwrap tubes to thicken and lengthen when held vertical, and it also is a bewitching brush to give you the winged look.  This is a tapered brush to give you precise application where you want it.

So, naturally I am going to tell you about the 'wear test'.  I did not wear any other makeup for these pictures so you can solely focus on the mascara.  I only put on one coat, and you can obviously see which eye has the mascara.  YES, it totally thickens, lengthens, everything.  My other eye doesn't even look like it has eyelashes!

Next, one of the claims is that it won't flake or smear (all day and night!).  I can honestly tell you that every single mascara that I have used has some give to it, and never really exceeds expectations.  For this test, I did not have any remnant flaking.  However, I wanted to see if it would smear under pressure.  I pushed a towel on my eyelashes to simulate 'accidentally' touching them with your hands or just daily wear:

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I didn't have that ugly black ring raccoon eye when I removed the towel.  However, I did have the tiniest amount of transfer onto my top lid.  If you look close, you might see it.  Another thing worth mentioning is that this is a gel mascara, so it will stick to a shape if under pressure.  You can see how my eyelashes flattened out and stuck together afterward.  I would like to counter this by saying that the chance of your eyelashes being smooshed under a towel on a daily basis is pretty low unless you intentionally do it, so your eyelashes will typically remain in a beautiful and healthy shape as long as you don't touch or manipulate them.

+ Absolutely no negative/chemical smell.
+ Beautiful packaging and design.
+ Does not smear like other mascaras!

+ Formula is clinically tested, designed for sensitive eyes, and a product of 30 years of pharmaceutical research.

+ The formula is actually so safe that you can sleep in it, if you forget to remove prior to bed.
- I can feel this mascara on my eyelashes ... it is lightweight, but I feel do feel the ...density?... as I wear it.

+ YES-- lengthens, thickens.
+ YES-- gel formula comes off with simple warm water.
+ YES-- designed for sensitive eyes; does not irritate my eyes one bit.

- NO-- this is ultra-light, but I do feel it on my eyelashes as I wear it.
STAR RATING: On a scale of 1 to 5, this will get a 5.
RECOMMENDATION:  YES, I definitely recommend this brand!  Please refer to the pictures to see why.
Order here (pricing may vary).  You can also find this product online with Amazon, Sephora, and HauteLook.

Please visit Mirenesse
I received this product for free in exchange for inspection and an honest and unbiased review.

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