25 September 2017

Giving New Life to Cold Metal

Metal isn’t an easy material to work with. Unlike wood, which is quite versatile and it’s easy to repurpose in any form, metal is difficult to reshape, and you’re pretty much limited to its existing form when you want to upcycle it. Most people just wouldn’t bother, and they take it to the nearest recycling bin when they have no use for it. But just because it’s a rigid material, doesn’t mean it has no potential whatsoever. It has a nice color, it’s easy to paint, and it requires very little maintenance once you’ve completed your project. If you have some metal furniture at home that you’re considering throwing away, give these suggestions a try before you visit the recycling bin.
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Pipes to Shelves--
To give your house a steampunk look, you can use old pipes as the base for putting up new shelves. There are even a few online tutorials you can follow to give you an idea of how to put them up. You can make epic wall-to-wall storage in your kitchen or living room to store all your necessities, or you can put up a few shelves in your bedroom to store your books, or use railing under the shelf to create a minimalist wardrobe. If you don’t want to make any holes in your wall, you can even put pipes together to make a coat rack. Pipes are one of the more versatile forms of metal to work with, because it’s just a case of putting them together as you want. Just make sure you carefully plan out your design first.
Alternative Uses for Racks--
If you’ve ever had a garage or a tool shed that have been packed to capacity, you might remember a useful piece of furniture that helped you organize everything. But metal storage racks don’t just have to be used in the garage, and kept out of sight. If you work from home, chances are you work in a tiny spare bedroom that is overflowing with paperwork. With a quick paint job so it matches the decor, a storage rack can save you from putting up shelves to store all your new files. Place often used items on lower shelves and reserve the top for cherished mementos, older files, or objects that inspire or distract you when you need a break. The smaller racks that are usually used for drying dishes can also be used to keep paperwork tidy on your desk, or keep your electronic devices safely stored away.
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Repurpose Bed Frames--
There’s no need to get rid of an old bed frame if you have a yard you want to decorate. If you’re lucky enough to have a frame that is elaborately decorated, you could be looking at your new garden fence. If you’re good with your hands, some metal mesh fencing and waterproof material could make a comfortable outdoor bench. With so many ways to upcycle your bed frame, you might buy them just to experiment a little more.

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