01 September 2017

Dealing with Dementia in the Family

Dementia can be an awful disease. If someone in your family is affected by it, you will no doubt want to do all you can to help them fight the symptoms and lead as comfortable life as possible. Here are some tips that can help you deal with dementia:


Always Be Positive--

When your relative is first diagnosed, they might be exhibiting very few symptoms. However, the worry and stress that the diagnosis can bring can often be quite damaging to their mental health. So, it is important that you always try and be positive around them. Whenever you discuss their illness with them, make sure that you choose your words carefully so that you don’t worry them unnecessarily. It is also important to try and remain positive even when they start to lose their memory. Always be respectful to them and use physical touch as a way of showing them your love and affection.

Consider the Help They Need--

Your relative should be okay to stay at home while they are in the early stages of the illness. However, as their symptoms get worse, they will need more care and support. Thankfully, there are various levels of help for dementia patients that you can seek out. Firstly, you might want to hire a nurse who can pop in to see your relative every day. This gives your relative the chance to stay at home, but they will also get some help with their everyday tasks. If their dementia gets much worse, though, they might have to move into a care home for around-the-clock care. Your relative might resist care at first but, once they realize that it is in their best interests, they should come around to the idea.

Limit Distractions in the Home--

Distractions can often be very frustrating for dementia sufferers. They find it hard enough to focus and concentrate on a single task or activity as it is, and distractions will only make things worse! So, be sure to remove anything that could be distracting from their home. One way to do this is to make sure that their TV and radio aren’t in the same room. It’s also a good idea to encourage them to keep their curtains closed as often as possible. That way, they can’t be distracted by anything they see outside.

Remember Happier Days--

Many people who suffer from dementia find that remembering the good old days can bring them quite a lot of comfort and happiness. This is especially important if your relative has trouble remembering things that have just happened to them, but they can surprisingly remember things that happened many years ago. One nice idea is to sit down with your relative and all of your old family photos. They will really enjoy looking through the old photographs and telling you stories of when they were younger.

Looking after a relative with dementia can be quite difficult to cope with. But these tips should make it as easy as it possibly can be!

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