15 September 2017

5 Steps of a Quality Home Workout

Not everyone can make it to the gym. For some it’s too expensive, for some it’s just not available. However, getting a good workout doesn’t have to be done at the gym. The following 5 steps are key to a quality home workout.
Step #1 - The Warm-up
Every exercise needs a proper warm-up, not only to get blood flowing and your heart rate up, but to prevent injury. Warm-ups for a home workout include a slow pace on a treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike. Ensure you take plenty of time to warm-up, and don’t continue to intense physical training until you feel that you are fully ready.
Step #2 - Aerobic
Aerobic exercise is to get your cardiovascular system working. Jogging, step aerobics, jumping rope, or intensified cycling on a bike is a great way to improve your cardiovascular system. The idea is to get your heart rate up and keep it up.
Step #3 - Anaerobic
Anaerobic exercise is to improve your strength. This can be done a number of ways, but depending on the available equipment, you can do squats, push-ups, sit-ups, or pull ups. A variety of dumbbells, ropes, or bands can also be purchased to improve the anaerobic workout.
Step #4 - Flexibility
Flexibility is often overlooked. Floor stretches and forms of yoga poses are a great way to improve your muscle flexibility. When stretching is overlooked, muscles can become tight and lose range of motion. If you exert a muscle group too hard with poor flexibility, injuries can occur. Always make stretching part of your workout routine.
Step #5 - The Cool-down
Cooling down is also a very important part of the workout routine. Allowing your muscles to cool down will help remove lactic acid buildup in your muscles along with allowing your body to gradually reach resting levels. If vigorous exercise is stopped suddenly, risks of dizziness or fainting can occur.

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