07 September 2017

10 Fun Date Ideas for the Fall

Whether you are single, or married with three kids, it is always a good idea to go on a date – at least once in awhile. With fall quickly approaching, seasonal activities will soon open up for some great date opportunities. Check out this list of ten fun fall dates.
#1 - Go for a Hayride
As the days start getting shorter and cooler, go for an evening hayride. What a great excuse to snuggle up with your date for warmth! Use the time to relax, talk, and laugh together.
#2 - Go to a Corn Maze
Play some fun corn maze games on a group date. Or get lost in the corn maze with your loved one. Nothing says romance like getting lost together in a dark maze.
#3 - Go to a Cider Press
Fall is the season of apple cider! Find a cider press and make your own apple cider. How fun to try new things on a date!
#4 - Go to a Pumpkin Patch
Find that perfect pumpkin with your perfect match. Launch apples out of a canon and cheer at the pig races. There are numerous fun activities to participate in at pumpkin patches, even for adults.
#5 - Carve a Pumpkin
You’ve just found that perfect pumpkin, now give it some character by carving it! Have a pumpkin goop fight while you’re carving and roast the seeds after.
#6 - Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
With the beautiful fall colors as the sun rises over them, get a breathtaking view from 1,500 feet above the ground.
#7 - Go to a Haunted House
It won’t be hard to find a haunted house, or even a haunted maze or forest, in October. See how well your date handles fear before taking the next step with them. (Or take your spouse and scare them along the way...) Make it fun!
#8 - Make a Couple's Costume
Search through Pinterest for some great DIY couple’s costumes and make a costume together. Enter a contest at a costume party.
#9 - Go Hiking
Hiking is a great fall activity as the weather begins to cool. Hike a mountain and enjoy a picnic at the top together. Be sure to research some top rated hiking gear online before your trip! Learn more about the outdoors here.
#10 - Have a Bonfire
Roast marshmallows for s’mores, dance around the fire, and stay warm on a cool evening.

Get creative, have fun, and see if you can go on at least one of these fun dates this fall.

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