04 August 2017

Things to Remember While Choosing the Right Siding Color for Your Home

It feels exciting to get new siding for your home. It is a part of totally changing the appearance of your place and juicing up the street appeal. There are a couple of things you need to think over before choosing the siding color. In this article, we will be helping you pick the best siding decision for your home.

The Climate--

Southern homes have a tendency to come in brighter hues because of the warmth and sun. As for Downriver Michigan, the northern homes stick to mid-to-darker colors.  Northern siding usually takes the colors of neutral tones. A striking yellow home may be a lot for your eyes during the winter. You should always try to pick a shade that will go with each season and that won't be excessively overwhelming anytime.
You can also take the opinion of siding contractors in Downriver Michigan and see what colors they suggest.
Style of Your Home--

You will see some homes sticking to one exterior color, while others will go for multiple shades. These are some common styles of home and color themes:
+ Cape Cod – You can play with accents (like window shades)
+ Craftsman – Makes room for many natural colors with brick, trim, and stone
+ Contemporary – Normally adheres to only a few colors
+ Mediterranean – Goes for lighter hues
+ Prairie – Usually sticks to one color but offers loads of windows and organic patterns
+ Ranch – Frequently has one color, and a trim color compliments it
+ Cottage – Has an inclination toward brighter colors for exterior
Your Neighborhood--

Look at the homes built in your neighborhood. Are there any colors that catch your eye? Everyone wants their home to standout, yet there is no need to create an eyesore for others. Try keeping the color of your home in the color scheme of those on your street.  Also, depending on your location, some localities and neighborhoods may have rules about home color... especially if you pay dues to an HOA. So remember checking with that before you decide on changing the color of your house.
Your Rooftop Color--

The rooftop color plays a major role in your decision of exterior color. A roof that is more neutral-colored can be coordinated with a variety of colors, while a darker rooftop is usually mellowed with a lighter color of siding. Now it is up to you to make your rooftop standout with the right colors.
Size of Your Home--

When you test a color, remember that swatches are done on a small space, while your home is big. A color that looks lighter or darker in a swatch may appear totally different when applied to a home. If you want to be fully ascertained of what a color on a house-level will look like, then do the swatch test on a bigger area.
Your Landscaping Style--

The landscape of your house also plays its part in choosing the siding color. If you have huge evergreen trees, then a bold yellow house won’t be the best choice, but a brown house might suit that better.
Keeping the above tips in mind while choosing the right siding color for your home will definitely help you make the right decision.